Apple’s MM1 AI Model Shows a Sleeping Giant Is Waking Up

While the tech industry went gaga for generative artificial intelligence, one giant has held back: Apple. The company has yet to introduce so much as an AI-generated emoji, and according to a New York Times report today and earlier reporting from Bloomberg, it is in preliminary talks with Google about adding the search company’s Gemini … Read more

You can refine your Pinterest search results by body type now. Here’s how it works

Pinterest People rely on Pinterest to get inspiration for everyday projects, including event planning and day-to-day outfits. The search results typically show the most relevant pins, even if the models look nothing like the user. With the help of AI, however, Pinterest’s search results are about to get much more personalized. Pinterest today announced body type … Read more

Teams search for skier in Switzerland, five others found dead

STORY: The cross-country skiers, five of them members of the same family from Valais canton, went missing near the Tête Blanche mountain on Saturday on the Zermatt-Arolla path. Authorities have not given the cause of death for the five found late on Sunday (March 10) but described “catastrophic” conditions with avalanches, snow storms and extreme … Read more

Pinterest’s body type search helps users find more size-inclusive results

Pinterest inspo pics will start to look more like their diverse user base, with the help of the platform’s latest size-inclusive AI feature. The new preference setting allows users to make the choice of what kinds of body types they would like to see featured in their feeds when searching for fashion or similar content … Read more

Google Search is trying to tackle ‘low-quality’ content

Google is promising to take on “low-quality” spam content appearing on its search engine. The company has announced new tactics to “fight against spammers” with key changes including improved quality ranking through “algorithmic enhancements” and additional spam policies. In a statement released by the tech giant on Tuesday, Google said the changes will be implemented … Read more

Google Is Finally Trying to Kill AI Clickbait

Google is taking action against algorithmically generated spam. The search engine giant just announced upcoming changes, including a revamped spam policy, designed in part to keep AI clickbait out of its search results. “It sounds like it’s going to be one of the biggest updates in the history of Google,” says Lily Ray, senior director … Read more

Google Says It’s Purging All the AI Trash Littering Its Search Results

Google says it will begin cracking down on AI-generated content created solely for the purpose of gaming its systems and ranking high in Google Search—a change that could potentially have a ripple effect on the quality of what we see online. Google’s Antitrust Case Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to AI The God … Read more

A Decade After Disappearance, Malaysia May Renew Search for Flight 370

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysian officials said Sunday they may renew the hunt for MH370, after a U.S. company that tried to find the plane in 2018 proposed a fresh search in the southern Indian Ocean where the Malaysia Airlines plane is believed to have crashed a decade ago. Transport Minister Anthony Loke said he … Read more

Google Chrome packs more searches into the Search Bar

First off, the Google Search box on Chrome will now display suggested queries based on your previous searches before you’ve started typing. In Google’s example, a user who had previously searched for the Korean noodle dish japchae would see images of similar Korean dishes beside the search box under the heading “People also search for.” … Read more