Tesla Charging Standard Sweeps Across EVs: Here’s When the Switch Will Happen

The days of a Prius or a Tesla being a novelty to see on the road are gone. Living in California, almost every second car I see now is electric. Electric vehicles will become even more commonplace as some states move to outlaw the sale of new gas-guzzling cars over the next decade and people become more … Read more

Lizzo’s Grammys Invite Slammed, Accusers’ Attorney Claims Double Standard

Lizzo presenting at the Grammys raised many eyebrows — including those of the lawyer repping the backup dancers suing her, and he’s claiming female privilege is the only reason she was there. Neama Rahmani, who represents multiple Lizzo accusers, tells TMZ … he’s disappointed the singer was tapped to present the Best R&B Song award, … Read more

Tim Cone certain Gilas ‘program standard’ will make country proud

Justin Brownlee (with ball) takes it strong to the rim despite heavy pressure applied by Jordan’s John Bohannon in the gold medal match won convincingly by the Filipinos, 70-60, which snapped a 62-year wait to regain Asian supremacy in men’s basketball. —AFP Naturalized ace Justin Brownlee will be back in harness for the national basketball … Read more

What Is Wi-Fi 7? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Next Wireless Standard

While many people only recently upgraded to Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E, the successor to those standards has already arrived. Wi-Fi 7 is the next significant advance, and just like its predecessors, it promises faster connections, lower latency, and the ability to gracefully manage more connections. If you are looking to improve your Wi-Fi today, … Read more

‘Smallville’ Remains the Gold Standard for a Superman Series

The Big Picture Smallville set the stage for the surge in popularity of live-action superhero TV shows, but it remains fairly unique and unlikely to be replicated anytime soon. The show’s traditional broadcast TV format, with 20+ episode seasons and standalone “freak of the week” episodes, is a departure from the highly serialized approach of … Read more

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Covers Britney Spears’ Festive Standard ‘My Only Wish This Year’ | Blackpink, Britney Spears, Christmas, Lisa, Music | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Britney Spears‘ sole Christmas song “My Only Wish This Year” got an update from K-pop superstar Lisa. The 26-year-old “LALISA” hitmaker, who makes up one-quarter of girl group BLACKPINK, gifted fans with a cover of the song on Christmas Eve. Unlike Britney, she even recorded an official music video for her take on the classic, … Read more

New L4S standard is poised to speed up your internet and reduce latency

zf L/Getty Images I have AT&T Gigabit Fiber Internet in my house. But there are still times when I’m watching a movie and the video starts to stutter and stop. What’s going on? It’s not that AT&T is failing to deliver the speed. No, it’s because the latency — the delay in data transmission between … Read more

Welcome To Plathville Fans Slam The Double Standard In Ethan’s One-On-One Talk With Moriah

Summary Welcome To Plathville’s Ethan is facing backlash for preaching a double standard in a conversation with Moriah. Fans notice the show’s double standard in how Ethan’s request for a one-on-one talk is accepted, while Olivia’s similar request with Micah is criticized. Olivia’s experience with Ethan’s family shows a pattern of them ganging up on … Read more

Google DeepMind’s AI Weather Forecaster Handily Beats a Global Standard

In September, researchers at Google’s DeepMind AI unit in London were paying unusual attention to the weather across the pond. Hurricane Lee was at least 10 days out from landfall—eons in forecasting terms—and official forecasts were still waffling between the storm landing on major Northeast cities or missing them entirely. DeepMind’s own experimental software had … Read more