Wizards of the Coast Continues to Boost Hasbro’s Bottom Line

Screenshot: Larian Entertainment | James Whitbrook Last Thursday, Hasbro had an investor’s call to discuss the third quarter, and while Hasbro itself might be going through a rough time, with lower-than-expected earnings, Wizards of the Coast was once again the high earner for the company—bolstered by two big releases. Watch Chris Pratt and the Guardians … Read more

The Gaming Shelf Embraces the Violence of Gubat Banwa

You are a group of Dollys in a pinktastic plastic world who bought a Dolly Dream House to move in there together… Dolly, We Bought a Dream House is a GM-less one-shot story game for 2-6 players. It needs zero prep and is perfect for one-shots and great for adults and kids alike. Just gather … Read more

D&D Will No Longer Be Distributed Through Penguin Random House

Starting January 1, 2024, Penguin Random House will no longer be distributing Wizards of the Coast’s seminal TTRPG product, Dungeons & Dragons. The announcement was made via email to various retailers. io9 obtained a copy of this email for confirmation. There is currently a distributor portal live on Wizards’ site. Gillian Jacobs Reacting to Her … Read more

Finally, a Cozy, Studio Ghibli-Inspired Way to Play Dungeons & Dragons

A new Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition (5e) campaign setting has launched through Kickstarter that aims to bring the aesthetics of Studio Ghibli, The Legend of Zelda, and Adventure Time into the world of tabletop role-playing. Obojima brings a calming, wholesome milieu to a game that increasingly appeals to demographics in dire need of it. … Read more

TTRPG Information, New Video games, Kickstarters

“In Likeness Machines, you draw tarot playing cards to find out the longer term [of] the rising profession of a fictional actor. However as your actor faces hardship and failure, the heads of studios scheme to interchange your actor with an AI replicant. To win, you’ll must race towards the snowballing energy of your AI … Read more

ChatGPT’s Storytelling Chops Are No Match for Dungeons & Dragons

The experiment started fairly merely: We popped open a couple of cans of Mountain Dew, put some Hawkwind and Blue Oyster Cult on the turntable, grabbed our luggage of polyhedral cube, and requested ChatGPT, basically, “We could play a recreation?” Initially, ChatDM was reluctant to play: “I’m not able to serving as a Dungeon Grasp … Read more

TTRPGs and Extra by International Designers

“right here, there, be monsters! is a rules-lite response to monster-hunting media from the monsters’ perspective. It’s each a love letter and a center finger to stuff like Hellboy (and the BPRD), the SCP Basis, the Males in Black, the World of Darkness video games, and the City Fantasy style basically. It’s an explicitly queer, … Read more