Taylor Swift Played Sandy from ‘Grease’ in Childhood Play, Photos Reveal

Taylor Swift has had performing in her blood for a long, long time — evident in the fact that she once played Sandy in a kid-version of “Grease” … and the photos are adorable.

Actor/comedian Tobin Mitnick threw up some photos he has in his possession that show him acting alongside Tay Tay in a children’s version of the famed musical/film — and TM seems to be playing Danny Zuko, whereas Taylor is playing Olivia Newton John’s character.

There’s 3 pics total, and it looks like Tobin/Tay were good pals during this production way back in the day — it also seems like they were giving their all, in rehearsal or otherwise.

Tobin writes, “Thank you mom for digging these pics of @taylorswift and I harmonizing like buttah on summer nights twenty five years ago out of storage. Also trav the note is an f-sharp if youre interested. June 2000.”

Of course, everyone saw these and is losing their minds over the fact that Taylor as a child is cute as hell — not to mention the fact that this low-key telegraphed her future … obviously, she went on to become one of the biggest pop stars ever.

Funny enough, Tobin seems to have alluded to this play last year — and he says it didn’t get nearly as much attention at the time. Welp, if he didn’t have pics back then, that’s probably why.

Anyway, it’s cool stuff — but the obvious question with this is … who has the video???

Seeing how this “Grease” play went down in the early aughts, ya gotta figure one of the parents from back then had their giant camcorder out and was rolling from inside an auditorium somewhere.

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Taylor has actually addressed the fact she was in “Grease” as a kiddo — not to mention other musicals/plays — and now … here’s the proof! Based on what we can see, she was a natural and then some.

The late ONJ probably would’ve been proud to see the great Taylor Swift doing her best Sandy. Lots of good songs for her to belt out, and we’re sure she absolutely crushed.

As it turns out, she was the one everyone wanted!

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