The best Fitbit fitness trackers of 2023: Expert tested and reviewed

Fitbit Charge 6 tech specs: Dimensions: 1.52″ l x 0.73″ w x 0.46″ h | Screen size: 1.04 inches | Battery life: 7 days | Call/text notifications: Yes | Water-resistant: 50m | Sleep tracking: Yes | Cycle tracking: Yes

Since Google acquired Fitbit, customers have been anxiously waiting for Google to implement all of its latest and greatest features to the Fitbit tracker. With the release of the Charge 6, Fitbit users can now access Google Maps, Google Wallet, Gmail, Google Calendar, YouTube Music controls, and more.

Made to accommodate to your daily activities and routines, the Charge 6 has several new features that take health and fitness tracking to the next level compared to older models. Quickly glance at your Fitbit to view your heart rate in real-time while working out, or use Google Music playback controls to change your music. Going on a run? Leave your phone at home; the Charge 6 has a built-in GPS to track your location and give you directions if you get lost.

If you are big on tracking your heart rate while working out, the Active Zone Minutes feature will tell you how much time you spend in each heart rate zone. The blood oxygen and skin temperature tracking integration will provide insights into potential wellness changes, often related to illness or menstrual cycles, and let you know whether your body is ready for a workout or needs rest. 

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The Charge 6 is made of 100% recycled aluminum and includes one haptic button on the left side of the device to control your home screen or view your daily statistics. It comes in three colors: obsidian/black aluminum, porcelain/silver aluminum, and coral/champagne gold aluminum, and is currently available for preorder.

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While it is unknown whether these new Google features will trickle down to older Fitbit models, ZDNET smartwatch reviewer Matthew Miller remains hopeful. However, if you believe these new updates will be a game-changer to your health and fitness journey, and you are unwilling to wait, it may be time to upgrade to the Charge 6.

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