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The Starvation Video games: Catching Hearth begins practically six months after the occasions of The Starvation Video games, as Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), Haymitch (Woody Harrelson), and Effie (Elizabeth Banks) put together for the nationwide Victory Tour that happens every year on the halfway level between the video games. After a go to from President Snow (Donald Sutherland), strain is mounting as he explains how her act with the nightlock berries is being seen as a type of rebel all through the districts that make up Panem, their dystopian nation. Katniss should attempt to persuade these within the districts that what she did was purely out of affection for Peeta. It’s a activity she is keen to just accept as a result of she is determined to maintain these she loves, significantly her sister Prim (Willow Shields), secure from the Capitol’s ever-powerful forces. However, Katniss isn’t superb at being advised what to do and her complicated emotions for finest good friend Gale (Liam Hemsworth) additional complicate issues.


When, inevitably, Katniss fails to persuade the districts, particularly after a horrific go to to District 11, a brand new risk is thrust upon them: The Quarter Quell. A particular Starvation Video games occasion that happens on the anniversary of the rebel each 25 years with a brand new set of parameters. The final one, which mentor Haymitch received, included twice the variety of tributes supplied. This time, Snow and Head Gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman) rig the video games to deliver the victors again as tributes for these video games, that means Katniss could have no selection however to compete as soon as extra. When Haymitch’s title is drawn, Peeta volunteers, bringing our star-crossed lovers to loss of life’s door as soon as once more. After they get into the sector, hell breaks free and the tribute quantity dwindles quickly. Nevertheless, Katniss and Peeta work as laborious as attainable to maintain one another secure and alive, but they know there can solely be one victor this time round.

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How Does ‘The Starvation Video games: Catching Hearth’ Finish?

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After the jabberjay assault on Katniss and Peeta, Beetee (Jeffrey Wright) informs the group of his plan with the wire. At nightfall, they are going to join the wire to the lightning tree and produce it again right down to the seaside, electrifying the water and the damp surrounding space, killing the District 2 tributes Brutus (Bruno Gunn) and Enobaria (Meta Golding) after they, inevitably, come out of the jungle to reclaim the seaside. Simply earlier than nightfall, Katniss pleads with Peeta to depart the group because the variety of tributes continues to dwindle, however he convinces her to see out this plan and escape as quickly as they hear the cannon fireplace. So, as deliberate, the group makes their approach to the tree to start Beetee’s plan. After wrapping the wire across the tree, Beetee duties Katniss and Johanna (Jena Malone) with bringing the wire right down to the seaside. Katniss and Peeta protest, wanting to stay collectively, however the others are suspicious of why they’re combating again. Reluctantly, they provide in, and Peeta stays behind to protect Beetee with Finnick (Sam Claflin).

On their approach by means of the jungle, the wire seemingly will get caught, however then it’s clearly reduce. Brutus and Enobaria are after them, so Katniss tosses the wire apart to prep an arrow, however Johanna bashes her within the head with the spool of wire. Johanna cuts her arm, removes her tracker (although Katniss doesn’t know this but), places blood on her neck, and tells her to remain down. Pondering she’s lifeless, the Careers chase after Johanna. Shortly thereafter, Finnick runs by means of the timber calling out Johanna’s title, however Katniss hides as she not is aware of who to belief. Apprehensive for Peeta, she makes her approach again to the lightning tree. As she arrives, she witnesses Beetee hit the drive discipline. When she runs over, he’s twitching on the bottom and close by is a keep on with a knife and the wire tied to the tip. Confused, Katniss calls out for Peeta, however she doesn’t get a solution. She sees Finnick and crouches down, aiming an arrow at his coronary heart whereas, again within the Capitol, Snow cheers her on to launch the arrow and destroy her public picture. Finnick sees Katniss after a second, pleading along with her to recollect who the actual enemy is, which is what Haymitch mentioned to her earlier than they entered the sector. Piecing collectively Beetee’s actual plan, Katniss ties the wire round an arrow because the sky signifies that lightning is about to strike. Because the bolt reaches the tree, Katniss goals her arrow on the drive discipline surrounding the sector, inflicting every little thing to blow up whereas she’s knocked to the bottom.

In ache and shock over what has occurred, Katniss watches as the sector crumbles round her. A hovercraft seems and lifts her into the sky, however she passes out earlier than she makes it inside. When she awakens, Beetee is unconscious subsequent to her on the ground. She will get up, grabs a syringe, and makes her approach to the door down the corridor. She pauses, listening to the voices inside, earlier than heading in and seeing Haymitch, Finnick, and Plutarch inside. She lunges at Haymitch, questioning why he’s speaking with the others. Haymitch grabs the syringe whereas Finnick begs for her to pay attention. Plutarch explains that the plan was at all times to get her out of the sector and half of the tributes have been in on it. She is the Mockingjay, and the revolution has begun. They’re headed to District 13, which everybody believed to have been destroyed within the rebel 75 years prior. However, Katniss solely cares about one factor: Peeta. She questions the place he’s, and Haymitch tells her that the Capitol has him. As soon as once more, Katniss lunges at Haymitch, this time delivering a (well-deserved) slap earlier than Plutarch injects her with a sedative. When Katniss wakes up, Gale is watching over her. He says that she’s been asleep for a number of days, however when Katniss asks in the event that they’re house in District 12, he pauses. One thing is incorrect and Katniss is aware of it, so she asks about Prim, and Gale assures her that their households are secure. Katniss asks Gale what occurred, and he explains that the Capitol despatched in hovercrafts after the Quarter Quell unceremoniously ended and fire-bombed it. He managed to get some individuals out however painfully informs her that there’s nothing left of District 12. Earlier than the credit roll, we see Katniss take on this data as her emotional state shifts from shock to unhappiness to pure rage.

What Does the Ending Imply?

In brief, the struggle between the districts and the Capitol that has been brewing for an extended, very long time is lastly upon them. As soon as once more, Katniss has proven up the Capitol. Her stunt with the berries in The Starvation Video games is nothing in comparison with chopping the Quarter Quell quick, permitting a number of victors to stay, and escaping the seemingly unending attain of the Capitol. Plutarch turning out to be a insurgent can be fairly a shock however exhibits Katniss and the viewers simply how a lot assist there’s for this struggle, even within the Capitol itself. Nevertheless, Peeta being within the clutches of her worst enemy is just not one thing Katniss will have the ability to deal with properly, as we see from her lashing out at Haymitch when she discovers the information. Between that and Katniss’ rage over Snow destroying her house and killing hundreds simply to punish her, she is thirsting for his blood, which drives a lot of her actions going ahead. Plus, the reveal that District 13 has been alive for the final 75 years modifications every little thing. How have they managed to remain out of the Capitol’s attain? How did they survive? What has life been like for them? And, above all, why are Katniss and the others there? It’s clear they’re planning an enormous function within the rebel, however to what extent? Nearly every little thing concerning District 13 is a significant query headed into The Starvation Video games: Mockingjay Half 1 because the struggle lastly begins.

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