The Impossible Heir K-Drama Trailer Teases Lee Jae-Wook, Lee Jun-Young & Hong Su-Zu’s Rebellion

The highly anticipated K-drama The Impossible Heir released its official trailer, giving viewers a glimpse of the storyline. The series is all set to premiere on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, at 5 p.m. KST on Disney Plus. It follows the story of three individuals who plot to reach the top of the societal chain and rise to immense success. However, their checkered past will continue to haunt them in ways they never imagined.

The Impossible Heir stars Lee Jae-Wook, Lee Jun-Young, and Hong Su-Zu in the lead roles. The series follows the story of an illegitimate chaebol heir, Kang In-Ha (Lee Jun-Young), who seeks the help of his best friend, Han Tae-Oh (Lee Jae-Wook), to battle against the former’s family and take over the company. Meanwhile, they will cross paths with Na Hye-Won (Hong Su-Zu), who will join them in this revenge journey. The trailer documented the trio’s rebellion against the chaebol group while dealing with their journeys.

The Impossible Heir trailer: Lee Jae-Wook helps Lee Jun-Young battle against his chaebol family

The trailer for the upcoming Disney Plus K-drama The Impossible Heir begins by teasing Han Tae-Oh’s journey. He is labeled the “son of a murderer” and receives a call from his father in prison. Amid rumors that his father killed his mother, Tae-Oh runs to ask someone to run away and escape. Meanwhile, the trailer introduces Kang In-Ha, who wants to be desperately acknowledged by his chaebol family.

Kang In-Ha is the illegitimate son of the Kang Oh Group Chairman. He doesn’t have the right to call the Chairman his father. The third rebel in the story is Na Hye-Won, who desires to go up the social ladder. Being the child of debt collectors, she vows to avenge her parents, who struggled due to the chaebol group. The trailer then teases the story of “the minor leaguers’ rebellion.”

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Hye-Won asks Tae-Oh if he wishes for a different life. To take over the chaebol group, In-Ha seeks the help of his best friend, Tae-Oh. From being at the lowest strata of society, the three aim to achieve enough power and success to go against the conglomerate. They begin their rebellion. But it isn’t easy as they face a number of mysteries, opposition, and power struggles.

Meanwhile, Tae-Oh and In-Ha plot their revenge against the conglomerate. However, their journey is filled with attacks, threats, and more. But Na Hye-Won remains faithful in her trust in the two as well as in what she can do. Tae-Oh stresses that they need to put all their efforts into achieving their goal. He also assures In-Ha that they will succeed in their mission.

To watch how the trio’s journey unfolds, don’t forget to tune in to The Impossible Heir on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, at 5 p.m. KST on Disney Plus.

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