The War and Treaty Praise Jay-Z For Advocating For Beyoncé at Grammys

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Jay-Z was right to use his Grammys moment to advocate for his wife Beyoncé … so says another music couple who was at the award show.

We got The War and Treaty at LAX and our photog asked the Best New Artist nominees about Jay using his acceptance speech to talk about Beyoncé’s 4 losses in the Album of the Year category.

The husband and wife duo say Jay was being a good hubby by standing up for his woman … also telling us Hov isn’t wrong in his views on Beyoncé albums being worthy of the top prize.

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The War and Treaty say Bey is more than worthy, and they feel she’s right up there with Michael Jackson in terms of music and philanthropy.

MJ, by the way, won AOTY for “Thriller” way back in the day.

Jay told Beyoncé, and any other disappointed nominees, to keep showing up and pushing for accolades they feel they deserve.

Interestingly, The War and Treaty offered Beyoncé some advice, too — they think a country record might be the way to go … though, they’re a little bit biased.

It’s an interesting perspective on the whole Jay-Z/Beyoncé/Grammys situation from other married folks in the biz. Speaking of which, they told us what it’s really like to work so closely with a spouse.

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