The Zone of Interest Video Unveils Behind-the-Scenes Look at A24 Drama

A24 has dropped a brand new The Zone of Interest video for Jonathan Glazer’s acclaimed World War II drama, which recently earned five Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.

The behind-the-scenes featurette show Glazer discussing the film’s premise about a man who’s living an idyllic life with his family in their dream house, which is next to the Auschwitz concentration camp. Cinematographer Lukasz Zal also opened up about their filming process, revealing that they wired the whole house with both visible and hidden cameras.

Check out The Zone of Interest featurette below (watch more trailers):

Who’s involved in The Zone of Interest?

Based on Martin Amis’ 2014 novel, The Zone of Interest is written and directed by Jonathan Glazer making his feature directorial comeback after a decade since directing 2013’s Under the Skin. The film stars Christian Friedel as the longest-serving commandant of the Auschwitz camp Rudolf Höss, Sandra Hüller as Hedwig Höss, Johann Karthaus as Klaus Höss, Nele Ahrensmeier as Inge-Brigitt Höss, Lilli Falk as Heidetraut Höss, and Medusa Knopf as Elfriede.

The film is executive produced by Reno Antoniades, Daniel Battsek, Len Blavatnik, Danny Cohen, Ke’Lonn Darnell, David Kimbangi, Ollie Madden, and Tessa Ross. Producers are Bugs Hartley, Ewa Puszczynska, Bartek Rainski, and James Wilson. It also won the Grand Prix award at 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

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