This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Is Just $59, but Not for Long

The world isn’t short of options when it comes to picking a great Bluetooth speaker, but some of these speakers do have a secret weapon: being waterproof. Such speakers are perfect for heading to the beach, lounging around the pool or just using outside when the weather isn’t great. And even if you don’t think you need your Bluetooth speaker to be waterproof, you never know when it might come in handy.

The Treblab HD77 is one such Bluetooth speaker, and while it would normally retail for around $90, you can save big if you place an order today. There’s already a deal running on Amazon that slashes the price, but if you enter discount code HOT15NOW you’ll save an additional 15% and pay just $59. That’s for the black model, while the blue and gray models are also available if you’re happy to pay a little more.

The IPX6 waterproof rating isn’t the only thing this Bluetooth speaker has to shout about, either. It features Bluetooth 5.0 for a nice and reliable connection and the built-in microphone means you can make and take calls in a pinch. The built-in battery is good for up to 20 hours between charges and there’s an ambient LED light to add a little flair to the proceedings as well. Worried about dropping your speaker while on the go? Don’t be — it’s shock and impact-resistant, so you won’t need to be too careful with it.

Built with 30-watt stereo speakers and a 360-degree surround sound system, the Treblab has everything you need to take the party with you, no matter where you might be going.

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