Topher Grace ‘For The Win’ Not Helping Danny Masterson

When Reddit user TheOvercookedFlyer began a thread to discuss Danny Masterson’s case and the fact that his costar on “That 70’s Show,” Topher Grace, didn’t write a letter to try to help him out, Redditors shared their thoughts on the situation.

The thread, “Tophy for the win” has more than 2,000 comments and still going strong. The discussion began with a screen shot of a photo of Grace with the caption, “For years, Topher Grace was depicted like he was a stuck-up a**hole for not being besties with the rest of “That 70’s Show” cast, but guess who didn’t write a letter in defense of a rapist this year.”

A Great Actor

“And Topher Grace is actually a hell of a better actor than most of them too. I remember watching the movie Traffic and thinking he would be just another sweet, smarta** kid like Foreman. Oh, how wrong I was.”




“It’s disheartened that a couple who have made a lot of clout fighting child trafficking wrote supporting letters about a rapist. Disgusting.”


30 Years

“And I just want to say one thing about that rape case. He got f***ing 30 years for rape. That should give you a clue as to how terrible the rape was. Because motherf***ers murder people and only get 25 years. So writing a letter in defensive someone who did the worst possible type of rape, there is no excuse for that.”


Really Disappointed

“I’m really disappointed in Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher for writing those letters asking for leniency.

Mila just starred in a film (Luckiest Girl Alive) about getting justice years later after being gangraped as a teenager.

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I know you need to separate the actor and the art, but damn that’s not a good look.”


Don’t Forget Laura Prepon


“Laura Prepon did not write a letter either. Let’s not overlook that.”


Wouldn’t Defend Him

“I found out my former roommate and one of my closest friends was a serial rapist. That guy can burn in hell and I’d never defend him. I hope he never sees freedom. Like….duh.”


No More “That 70’s Show”


“All of this has completely ruined the show for me for life.”


Maybe He Knew Something

“Starting to feel like Topher knew something way back then that we didn’t know at the time…”


Backlash Is Coming…

“I don’t get how it was worth it for Ashton & Mila. Their friend was going away for 30 to life. No letter you can write is gonna affect that in any significant way. But they sure did hurt their own careers with that move.

It would have been so much easier to just stay quiet, but they actually went out of their way to help him. I think they’ll be surprised how bad the backlash is.”


“Unhinged Scientologist”


“Given that a lot of the cast were Scientologists or got notoriety for all the wrong reasons (Valderra), I can totally get why Topher would want to stay professional. I am incredibly disappointed in the four that wrote letters. Masterson always came off for me as an unhinged Scientologist. I am thrilled he was decent on set and did not pass out blow to the cast. But, a lot of people can compartmentalize a lot of things in their life, and being decent in some cases does not cancel out drugging and raping people.”

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Why Not The Entire Cast?

“Laura Prepon and Wilmer Valderrama didn’t either. You’d think if he were such an upstanding person as to be worthy of support from a full-time advocate for victims of sex trafficking and his wife, the entire cast would agree, no?”


Fighting Human Trafficking To This?

“How do you go from being one of the most well-known heroes in fighting human trafficking to defending Danny F***ing Masterson?

We contain multitudes, I guess.”



Apr 9, 2008


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