Viral TikTok Changes Homeless Man’s Life In The Blink Of An Eye!

What started as a simple kind gesture has now turned into a major life-altering experience.

When Sanai Graden was vlogging during her walk to the grocery store a few days ago, her life’s path, as well as a stranger’s path, changed in a way that’s had the internet shedding tears and donating money. The college student, when approached by a homeless man asking for a cup of tea, has received tons of online support and financial help to change the man’s life for the better.

Viral TikTok Quickly Helps To Change Homeless Man’s Life

hustlanani – TikTok

When Graden, 21, a college student and TikTok creator, shared a video of what happened during her walk to the grocery store recently, the video blew up into something amazing. With more than 21 million views and 67,000 comments, a life has been changed for the better.

A quick recap: Graden was approached by a homeless man named Alonzo, asking for a cup of tea. The two then began to walk to the store, stopping at CVS to get his medication, and ended up spending about five hours together. At the end of the day, Graden got the man a hotel room, gave him some cash and her phone number. She then began a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the man who is battling prostate cancer.

@hustlananiPlease help me help him !♬ original sound – Nai

Graden shared a few update videos on TikTok to keep viewers in the loop on what’s going on with the GoFundMe, and the incredible journey the two are now on together. Just two days after starting the fundraising page, the amount donated tops $280,000!

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After searching for the man to give him the good news about the fundraiser she got a call from him, but still struggled to find him. After finally finding him, she was able to give him some amazing news.

@hustlananiWe did it you guys !!♬ original sound – Nai

“I wanted to talk to you in private,” she told him when she finally found him. After he got into her car, the two had a heartfelt conversation about all that’s happened so far.

“There’s a reason why we crossed paths,” Graden told Alonzo, the homeless man. “So you remember yesterday I said I do TikTok, Unc?”

She went on to explain that the TikTok she made of their journey together has received more than 12 million views at that point. She also said she made a GoFundMe for him.

“This is crazy. You got more money than me now,” she said with a smile.

@hustlananiI know you’ve all been waiting on his reaction. I just made it home. Please enjoy it. Thank you everyone for coming together. This would not have been possible without the endless support. This is just the beginning of something great. I’m enternally grateful. God did that !!!♬ original sound – Nai

The update video has received more than 2 million views in just a few short hours.

“The crazy thing is I genuinely think he appreciates YOU more than he cares about the money 🥺 I hope you continue to be there for him,” one person wrote in the comments of the video.

Another added, “Almost to 235k😭❤️his life is seriously about to change for the better. We all love you unc ❤️.”

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The GoFundMe For Alonzo Has Reached Nearly $300K!

hustlanani – TikTok

The fundraiser Graden started to raise money for Alonzo has needed its goal amount changed multiple times in the two days it’s been up and running. There are nearly 20,000 donations in the total of $281,019 currently and growing.

Many are leaving comments for Graden and Alonzo on the page.

“This experience is a reminder there are good people in the world. Continue being the blessing that you are to others and get well soon Unc,” one donator wrote. Another said, “I was inspired by this story and hope for humanity and how genuine she was stopping and helping a total stranger.”

Another follow up TikTok video shares the news of the successful fundraiser.

@hustlanani♬ Get In With Me – BossMan DLow

“POV you just changed Unc’s life with one TikTok raising over 200k and now you can help him beat cancer comfortably,” the video is captioned.

“Unc asked for a simple green tea and his whole life changed in a moment. This is amazing,” one viewer commented. “Best TikTok story of 2024 so far. Glad the algorithm kept me up to date.”

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