Vision Pro apps are now visible on Apple’s App Store website

The Vision Pro’s official debut is just hours away, so Apple updated the App Store website to reflect that.

As noted by MacRumors, the web version of the App Store now showcases Vision Pro compatibility for apps that support the new headset.

If you want to find out whether or not an app supports Vision Pro or even seen what the app looks like on Vision Pro, you can head to the website and do so now.


What’s inside the Apple Vision Pro box? 9 things that come with the headset.

Here’s Zoom on the Vision Pro.
Credit: Zoom/App Store

For instance, there’s a special Vision Pro version of Zoom with a bunch of features unique to that device. If you want to see how Zoom looks through the lens of a Vision Pro, there are now some images on its App Store page.

This isn’t a revolutionary, massive change, but it does make the impending release of Apple’s $3,500 headset feel all the more real.

Perhaps this is the beginning of the future of computing — or maybe this will be Apple’s biggest failure yet.

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