Watch the Stanley Cup get the 'SNL' treatment as a 'Big Dumb Cup'

You know something has reached its cultural peak when it’s spoofed on Saturday Night Live and last night, the Stanley Cup had its moment.


The pink Starbucks x Stanley cup is going for $200 on eBay. Shop these dupes instead.

Host Dakota Johnson alongside cast members Chloe Fineman and Heidi Gardner play “virgins who also have six kids” and spend a lot of time at Target. You may remember the “Big Dumb Hat” sketch from an earlier season, but this time it’s all about the “Big Dumb Cup” as the ultimate TikTok-famous accessory.

But the Big Dumb Cup isn’t just a $60 status symbol (the real Stanley Cup retails at $45). It can do so much more like hold an entire bottle of Josh wine and be used as an air-fryer. Watch the sketch to find out.

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