What really happened between Taylor Swift and Céline Dion?

A backstage photo of Taylor Swift and Céline Dion seemingly ended bitter discussion

What really happened between Taylor Swift and Céline Dion?

Fans went into overdrive when Taylor Swift apparently ignored Celine Dion onstage after winning the award at the 2024 Grammy Award. However, a backstage photo pours cold water over these speculations.

The chatter was triggered after the Bad Blood hitmaker lifted the Album of the Year award but, some believed, the recipient did not acknowledge the presenter — who made a headline-grabbing appearance in the award ceremony amid her battle with a rare disease — which dealt a heavy blow to her voice.

“not trying to be hater but being handed a Grammy by Celine Dion in her very triumphant first public appearance in a long time and barely making eye contact insane,” one person wrote.

Another added, “Remember like four hours ago when Miley was so excited and eloquent about accepting an award from Mariah? Yeah, that was nice.”

Amid the uproar, a sweet photo of the pair behind the stage surfaced on the interent where the duo can be seen warmly hugging.

Presenting the picture as proof, Swifties hit back at the haters.

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