Who’s Who and What You Need to Remember

Image: Warner Bros.

Paul is the son of Duke Leo Atreides and Lady Jessica, rightful heir to House Atreides, new lords of the sand planet Arrakis. However, as we saw in the first film, the Emperor of the Galaxy had another one of the major houses, the Harkonnens, who have a centuries-old feud with the Atreides, slaughter them. They got almost everyone except Paul and his mother, who escaped.

But Paul is not just plain old royalty. With a carefully blended bloodline, he’s been carefully groomed to potentially be the most powerful force in the galaxy. This belief has subsequently been planted in the cultures of Arrakis long before Paul’s arrival. So, when Paul arrives on Arrakis, many people already believe Paul is their deity, Lisan al-Gaib. Paul isn’t so sure. Though he does have very odd, sometimes fortuitous visions.

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