WWE: “Big time!” – Fans believe CM Punk rumors are overshadowing 14-time champion’s WWE return

Some WWE fans believe the rumors surrounding CM Punk are overshadowing a popular star’s return tonight at Survivor Series.

WWE Survivor Series will air live later tonight from the Allstate Arena in Chicago. It is the hometown of CM Punk, who is currently a free agent after being fired from All Elite Wrestling ahead of the September 2 edition of Collision.

Punk was initially suspended after his backstage brawl with The Elite at All Out 2022. The veteran returned to the promotion in June 2023, but his second altercation in less than a year – against Jack Perry on August 27 – led to his release. His final bout with the promotion was a victory over Samoa Joe at the All In pay-per-view in Wembley Stadium.

Punk has developed a bond with his fans over the years that has become undeniable. However, Randy Orton’s return has been announced for tonight’s premium live event, while Punk’s return is nothing but a rumor. Wrestling News asked fans on social media if they felt that the rumors about the former AEW World Champion were overshadowing Orton’s return in the WarGames match later tonight at WWE Survivor Series.

Fans reacted in a variety of ways, with some saying that Randy Orton would get a huge reaction from the crowd no matter what. However, some fans claimed that the rumors about Punk have taken away from The Viper’s return.

Former WWE writer Vince Russo comments on CM Punk’s future

Wrestling legend Vince Russo recently discussed CM Punk’s future in the world of professional wrestling.

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Speaking on Sportkeeda’s Writing with Russo, Vince Russo noted that the 45-year-old star has built a massive brand for himself over the years. Russo suggested that Punk start his own promotion rather than try to work for someone else once again.

“I gotta tell you. Here’s the thing, man. If I’m CM Punk, I have created a great brand for myself. The controversy has created a great brand for CM Punk. If I’m Punk, I would be done hitching my wagons to anybody. Take that brand and do your own thing. Right after this, we got a show with EC3. If EC3 can start his own wrestling promotion with a fraction of the money Punk has, if I was Punk, my days of working for anybody would be over. The only person I’m working from here on, is me,” said Vince Russo. [7:04 – 8:00]

Fans have been hoping for Punk to make his WWE return ever since he was let go by AEW. He has not appeared in WWE since 2014, and only time will tell if he gets the opportunity to return to the promotion.

Do you think CM Punk will return tonight at WWE Survivor Series? Let us know in the comments section below.

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