Zoë Kravitz dad Lenny Kravitz disapproves of her wedding with Channing Tatum

Lenny Kravitz thinks his daughter Zoë Kravitz is rushing into marriage with Channing Tatum

Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum dealt with a significant blow when her dad, Lenny Kravitz, revealed his disapproval of their marriage 

The singer-songwriter fears his daughter may succumb to the immense pressure that comes with being married to one of the world’s most famous actors.

A tipster told National Enquirer that Zoe may make a mistake by marrying Channing. “Marrying one of the most famous actors in the world is going to increase that pressure times 1000,” the source noted.

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While Lenny reportedly likes Channing just fine, he has advised his daughter to continue their current living arrangement rather than rushing into another marriage.

The insider claimed, “Lenny tells Zoë they should just continue shacking up rather than her jumping into another marriage.”

The Batman star, however, seems determined to follow her heart and build a life with Channing Tatum and became a step mom to his daughter, he shares with his ex Jenna Dewan.

“Zoë wants to really settle down and have children, and she figures after two years she knows what she has in Channing,” the source continued.

“As far as being in the spotlight, she’s learned how to deal,” the insider added. “She knows her father wants the best for her, but she has to follow her heart — and that’s to Channing.”

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