Elle Macpherson Stays Youthful Partly by Going to Bed Nude

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Elle Macpherson is pushing the “Big 6-OH” … but the supermodel has never looked better, and part of her secret to staying youthful is going to bed buck naked!

Elle, who will turn 60 in March, revealed some of her private beauty tips as she ages during a Friday interview with host Amanda Wakeley on the podcast, ‘Style DNA.’

The catwalker, known for her splashy 1980s Sports Illustrated swimsuit covers, said it’s imperative to get at least 8 hours shuteye each night, and in the buff.

Elle said, “I go to bed with a smile. I go to bed with a happy heart. And an eye mask. … No clothes. My skin.”

Good to know. But Elle didn’t explain why sleeping in the buff keeps her young and spry.

She also said she stays away from caffeine while eating her final meal each day at 5 p.m. before settling down with a hot chocolate and then calling it a night.

When Elle wakes up to an alarm at 5 AM every morning, she grins and then does 25 minutes of in-bed meditation to preserve her mind, body, and spirit.

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Then she hops on her bicycle and rides to the beach, where she takes a dip in the ocean. After that, Elle starts her yoga exercises at sunrise, before moving on to some more swimming and cycling, as well as hiking.

She also treats herself to infrared saunas, warming her body using heat lamps instead of steam. By the way, Elle, if you didn’t know, was dubbed “The Body” in her prime as a model.

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Elle will go for a cold plunge as well to ease her sore muscles and decrease inflammation after a workout.

Anyway, you get the picture. Elle has a great life.

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