Everything Microsoft unveiled at its Surface and AI event this week

There have been over one billion chats on Bing Chat since its inception, according to Microsoft, and now it is getting new features that will improve the experience further. 

Bing Chat has two major updates: Personalized Answers and the integration of DALLE-3 into Bing’s Image Creator. 

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With the Personalized Answers feature, Bing Chat will be able to refer to whatever content you have in your search history and use that information to provide context for your answer. This is especially useful because it helps avoid having to repeat yourself, and prompts can be less specific. 

For example, if you have previously told Bing Chat that you love to read romance novels, when you ask Bing Chat for a book suggestion, it will automatically look for books within that romance genre. 

Bing Image Creator is also getting an upgrade to the brand new DALL-E 3, which allows you to describe an image and get even quicker, more reliable generations. It is also easier to tweak the images to get the output you’d like with its better understanding of prompts. 

The overall quality of the image generations will significantly improve thanks to the DALL-E 3 integration. This will help address problems such as warped hands and blurry details that are often found in AI-generated images. 

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In a side-by-side demo of the original and updated Bing Image Generator, the latter produced significantly better results. Bing Image Generator will also now feature content credentials, which will have a tag that says “Generated with AI” to help users distinguish between AI and reality. 

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Bing Chat will also support a new shopping experience called “Microsoft Shopping” that informs and educates users as they’re about to make purchases online and also makes it easier to find the perfect product for your shopping needs. 

It basically acts as a personal shopper that asks you questions about what you are looking for to provide the best results and give you buying advice. Once you narrow your product choices to a handful, it can even generate a table with different specs and price comparisons to help you make your decision. 

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The Microsoft Shopping Experience will be a standalone site that can be accessed through any browser. It will also be integrated into Edge and Bing Chat. For the best shopping advice, users should use the feature within Edge because they will be able to access additional shopping tools such as price trends, coupons, and more when browsing, similar to the popular RetailMeNot and Honey browser extensions. 

There is also a suite of new tools coming to Bing Chat Enterprise including the incorporation with mobile. Bing Chat Enterprise also supports images within the enterprise with multimodal search powered by GPT-4 and Bing Image Generator. 

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