First Black Miss Israel Attacks ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement for Not Condemning Hamas In Video Rant

Israel’s first national Black beauty queen has blasted the Black Lives Matter movement for not taking a stand against Hamas after the terrorist-designated organization attacked the country.

The Ethiopian beauty says American advocates for Black victims of police brutality need to “learn their facts” regarding the Middle East conflict.

Yityish “Titi” Aynaw is the first Ethiopian Jew and Israeli of African heritage to win Miss. Israel. (Photo: Instagram/@titiayenew)

Yityish “Titi” Aynaw has taken up a bullhorn to support the country she represented as Miss Israel from 2013 to 2014, checking BLM — perhaps conflating the social justice movement for a single organization — for not speaking out, opening the video on her Instagram page saying, “I can’t breathe. Do you remember that?”

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In the short clip, she highlighted BLM’s vocal stance against U.S. police-involved violence against Black people but noted their silence on the Israel-Hamas conflict.


“I am so shocked by the response of Black Lives Matter regarding the terror attacks here in Israel,” Aynaw said, adding, “I remember you screaming in the streets, ‘I can’t breathe. I want to inform you right now… who cannot breathe.”

Graphically, she talked about how Hamas has taken “Israeli hostages in Gaza” and that they are harming “babies, children, mothers, women,” and “entire families who cannot breathe.”

Passionately, she implored organizers to address alleged war crimes, sharing images of victims and atrocities.

At one point in the video, she asks, “Do you think killing is enough for them? They attacked people at a party near to the Gaza Strip.”

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Aynaw was referencing the 2023 Tribe of Nova music festival attack, where Hamas killed approximately 260 people and took an unspecified number of hostages. This event, occurring during the 2023 Sukkot celebrations, is now considered the deadliest civilian massacre in Israeli history.

As the video ended, the beauty queen boldly declared, “Hamas is ISIS,” before asking her 109,000 followers to pray for her country. “Pray for Israel because we can’t breathe.”

Speaking with the New York Post regarding her post, the model, who arrived in Israel as a 12-year-old orphan and later served in the Israel Defense Forces before pursuing a career in pageantry and modeling, emphasized, “These groups — BLM — need to learn their facts.”

“People need to learn who they’re really supporting, what they do to their own people, let alone Jews. They don’t care about saving lives,” she said, seemingly implying that BLM supports Hamas. “There are no human rights [with Hamas]. They kill their own — they also kill Muslims, Bedouins who serve in the army.”

The Ethiopian-Israeli role model’s video comes a week after Hamas led an attack on 1,400 people (all of different races, ethnicities, national identities, and religions) inside Israel’s border. Some of those killed were Americans.

“We extend our deepest condolences to the victims and to the families of all those affected. At this time, we are also aware of 13 American nationals who are unaccounted for,” the State Department representatives said, according to Fox News.

The State Department reports that families have been reached, and they emphasize that the U.S. government is tirelessly collaborating to ascertain their location, providing intelligence, and deploying American experts to assist the Israeli government in hostage recovery efforts.

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In response, Israel has declared war on Hamas and is preparing a ground incursion into Gaza, where more than 2 million Palestinians are in harm’s way.

The United Nations describes the plight of Palestinian people, particularly in the Gaza Strip, as being “strangled” by Israel’s siege. The civilian population is short of resources, such as water, due to Israel’s blocking of supplies coming in.

Palestinian officials say that since Israel has responded with its military might against Hamas, at least 2,750 people have been killed, and 9,700 have been injured in Gaza.

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