Joe Rogan and Spotify Agree to an Open Relationship

Photo: James Gilbert/Getty Images (Getty Images)

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the biggest podcasts around thanks to a steady stream of conspiracy theories, right-wing talking points, and the occasional funny comedian. Spotify wants to stay in the Rogan business as it renewed its contract for rights to the podcast.

The streaming service signed a new licensing agreement worth up to $250 million, according to The Wall Street Journal on Friday, but a Spotify spokesperson says that number is incorrect but declined to expand on the terms of the agreement. One big change in this deal is that it’s non-exclusive meaning that Rogan can post his podcast on any platform including putting the show back on YouTube. Spotify will handle selling ads and distributing the show.

Rogna’s YouTube channel was the home to new episodes, but since the Spotify deal, only short segments are uploaded as well as live streams of his Fight Companion show where he and others watch a UFC event.

Rogan’s podcast is popular no matter what metric or demographic you look at, and it’s that popularity that’s an issue as Rogan has become a purveyor of bullshit. The comedian continues to parrot anti-vax talking points while platforming a who’s who of conspiracy theorists including one of his best friends, Alex Jones.

Rogan first signed a deal with Spotify back in 2021, just months before he posted on social media that he had COVID and was taking ivermectin, which is an antiparasitic drug that hack doctors claimed cured the disease but has time and time again proven to be ineffective.

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The comedian went all-in with COVID misinformation after being ridiculed for his taking of an unproven drug and has since brought on every big name in the anti-vax space. Health experts criticized Spotify for not doing enough to counter the health misinformation Rogan was platforming.

Even when Rogan is not interviewing grifters who spread misinformation, he’ll still bring up his nonsense as evident in his recent episode with comedian Bobby Lee where the former MADtv alum had to ask if they could talk about something else.

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