Prince William staying away from Kate Middleton to control his ‘jealousy’

Prince William ‘jealous’ of wife Kate Middleton’s growing popularity, claims royal insider

Prince William staying away from Kate Middleton to control his ‘jealousy’

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been facing significant challenges over the past year, but their issues have escalated.

A tipster has revealed that William, the Prince of Wales, is “jealous” of his wife Kate, the Princess of Wales, and her “growing popularity,” much like his father, then-Prince Charles, was of his mother, Princess Diana.

According to In Touch Weekly, the royal duo is struggling under the mounting pressure they’ve encountered, forcing them to stay apart.

“William and Kate’s marriage has really been tested in the last year or so, and they’re cracking under the pressure,” the insider stated.

The couple is grappling with a multitude of issues, including the demands of raising three children, the aftermath of Prince Harry’s scathing memoir titled Spare, and the increased workload resulting from Megxit and King Charles’ efforts to ‘slim down’ the monarchy.

The source emphasized the toll these challenges have taken on the royal couple, stating, “They could use the time apart.”

Despite always facing adversity as a team in the past, the current circumstances appear to be pushing them to their limits. “Being forced to spend so much time together in the public eye has only added to the tension.

Recently, things got so heated between them that they went two weeks without speaking to each other,” the source revealed.

The situation has become so strained that palace aides are reportedly scheduling William and Kate for separate engagements to allow them time to cool off.

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“It’s so bad behind the scenes; palace aides have been scheduling them more and more for separate engagements just so the two of them can cool off,” the source added.

The dynamics of the couple’s public appearances have also undergone a shift. “Kate and William’s joint appearances have always been wildly popular, but now they’re doing more on their own,” the insider said. “Any married couple would feel the strain from working together all day, every day.”

Furthermore, it seems that William is beginning to resent the attention garnered by Kate, drawing parallels to his father’s sentiments towards Princess Diana.

“Just like his father was with his mother, Princess Diana, William has begun to resent how much more beloved she is. He likes doing events on his own because Kate draws all the spotlight when they’re together,” the source revealed.

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