Sun. May 28th, 2023

Within the Bryansk Oblast of the Russian Federation, two planes and two helicopters fell nearly concurrently

“That’s what it was,” Ihnat mentioned in reply to the suggestion that Russian air protection might have brought on the downing of the Russian plane.

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“It is a black day for (Russian) aviation, they (the Russians) have acknowledged it, there’s even an evaluation of who’s responsible, who they’re going to hearth and punish for this mess that’s taking place. It is good to learn such information from the enemy.”

He mentioned that the strike group of helicopters and airplanes that went down in Bryansk Oblast was on its solution to launch one other assault with guided bombs on Ukrainian settlements within the north.

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Ihnat added that it could possibly be as many as 5, not 4, Russian plane that went down.

“They’re speaking a few third helicopter, so 5 in whole, in all probability,” mentioned the Air Drive spokesman.

“Really, they bumped into some bother. They wished to bomb our civilians, our peaceable areas.”

On Might 13, Russian Mi-8 army helicopters and Su-34 and Su-35 fighters crashed nearly concurrently in Russia’s Bryansk Oblast, killing their crews.

This was reported by Russian state media and posted on social media by eyewitnesses, however the Russian authorities didn’t formally touch upon the incidents or the variety of misplaced plane.

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