WHO air quality standards met by only 7 countries in 2023, report says

Only seven countries and three territories last year met World Health Organization pollution guidelines for fine particulate matter, the most risky form of pollution to human health. A report published Tuesday by the Swiss company IQAir looked at fine particular matter pollution (also known as PM 2.5) data collected by more than 30,000 ground-level air … Read more

20 Best Deals: Air Purifiers, Vacuums, and Bluetooth Speakers

as march flies by, you might be itching to get started on spring cleaning—especially with the start of the season only a few days away. Whether you’re looking forward to deep-cleaning your home or not, it’s a great excuse to upgrade your vacuum or add a new air purifier to your space. Below, we found … Read more

Walmart Is Selling the Apple MacBook Air With M1 for Just $699

For the first time ever, Walmart is selling Apple MacBooks in stores. The mega-retailer isn’t selling the fastest models but rather the MacBook Air with an M1 chip, which was originally released in the fall of 2020. The laptop is listed for the reasonable price of $699. That’s a $300 discount over the M2 version … Read more

Grill, Bye. Make Your Next Burger in an Air Fryer and Thank Me Later

I’ve been making succulent chicken and tender salmon in my air fryer for years now, but only recently did I discover that the mighty air fryer can make mouthwatering burgers on par with any grill. As a city dweller, grills are somewhat impractical to own and operate, so making a bacon cheeseburger in an apartment-friendly … Read more

The M1 MacBook Air Is on Sale for Only $650 at Best Buy Right Now

Apple’s M1 MacBook Air has dropped to its lowest price ever, thanks to a rare sale at Best Buy. Right now, the M1 model is on sale for an all-time low price of $650. For a fuss-free laptop that combines performance, battery life and portability, it doesn’t get much better than this MacBook Air deal.  Apple MacBook … Read more

Don’t Let the Headlines Fool You. Air Travel Is Really Very Safe

What the hell is going on up there in the sky? The incidents feel like they started in January, when a door plug blew out of a midair Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft operated by Alaska Airlines. No one was hurt in the incident, but ensuing investigations have led to a series of revelations about … Read more

Last year’s 15-inch MacBook Air is now $300 off, and I highly recommend it

Kerry Wan/ZDNETWhat’s the deal? Best Buy has discounted the 15-inch MacBook Air by $300, bringing it down to just $999, a great price for a top-quality laptop. Why this deal is ZDNET-recommended For the longest time, Apple’s MacBook lineup was in a bit of disarray. Choosing the right model primarily boiled down to budget and display … Read more