Sir Mick Jagger on losing Charlie Watts and people his age ‘dying all the time’

Sir Mick Jagger says time hasn’t made it easier when it comes to losing Charlie Watts

Sir Mick Jagger is still grieving the loss of his The Rolling Stones bandmate Charlie Watts and he says it “doesn’t get easier” with time.

The Rolling Stones lost their drummer in August 2021 to complications after heart surgery.

Since his passing, the bandmates have missed his “laconic humor” and “taste in music.”

On Thursday, Sir Mick took to the stage in New York with Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood to celebrate the release of their album Hackney Diamonds, their first original album in 18 years.

Sir Mick reflected on his feelings about Charli’s passing, and admitted that he still misses him “a lot.”

“It’s a couple of years now, and I still think about Charlie a lot,” he shared with The Guardian.

“I miss his laconic humor, his taste in music, his elegance, his don’t-care attitude – he didn’t get intense. Keith and I get a bit intense,” he added.

When asked if time has made it easier to cope with the loss of their friend, Sir Mick admitted that at his age, he’s losing many friends: “No, [loss] doesn’t get easier at all, there’s a lot of people around your age, they’re dying all the time.”

“I don’t have any friends older than me, only one, apart from the band, all my friends are much younger,” he added. 

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