Swifties in shock: ‘Travis Kelce can fight’

Swifties in shock: ‘Travis Kelce can fight’

In football, emotions usually were running high. They often ended up in scuffles as what transpired in Travis Kelce’s case, who had a melee with Las Vegas Raiders players on Sunday, leaving Swifties in disbelief.

It happened in the third quarter after Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice was slammed to the ground after a chippy tackle leading the NFL’s tight end to shove the rival team’s defensive Amik Robertson and defensive tackle Jerry Tillery.

On the internet, fans shared their enthusiastic reaction to the 34-year-old aggressive gameplay.

“Oh my, Travis Kelce can fight,” one fan gushed.

Another added, “Is it hot in here? Is anyone else warm?”

In other news, Travis addressed his old viral tweets in his podcast, calling them “nonsense.”

“I was just like using Twitter as like a diary,” adding, “I’m just out here saying nonsense,” the Chiefs player added.

He added, “I will say that I’ve been trying to get all those tweets deleted. Like, since I’ve gotten into the league, I’m like, ‘Gosh, I just want all those things to get deleted.’ And sure enough, it came surface level and everybody ****** dove into 2011. What a ****** year that was.”

Meanwhile, Travis jokingly said, “What’s hilarious is that nobody followed me back then.”

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