Thief Returns Stolen Truck with Apology Note and Toys for Owner’s Son

Thief Returns Stolen Truck with Apology NoteKati Street / Facebook

A cafe owner in New Zealand had his truck stolen from right outside of his business earlier this month. Four days later, the undamaged truck was returned to the same location. Inside was a handwritten apology note and a couple of new toys in the back for the owner’s young son, The New Zealand Herald reports.

Varun Chada owns the Kati Street café in Auckland, New Zealand. On November 14 he was done work for the day. He needed to run back inside the café to quickly grab something, so he left the truck running with the keys inside. When he returned just moments later, the truck was gone.

About one hour after the theft, Chada posted details about the truck that was stolen on the Kati Street Facebook page. Four days later, Chada posted a rather interesting update on the same page. His truck was again parked outside of the cafe where he last saw it. But what makes this story even more unusual is that the thief seemed to suffer from a bit of remorse for stealing the truck.

A handwritten apology note was left on the truck. In the note, the thief said he was sorry and explained that he was drunk and needed a ride home. As a thank you for “borrowing” the truck, the thief put a couple of new toys in the back and stated in the letter that they were for Chada’s son. Other than the license plates being taken and a quarter of a tank of gasoline being used, the truck was in the same condition it was before the theft.

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Chada was stunned by the turn of events.

“I’m not condoning what they did is fine, but I mean, they gave it back and they said sorry so, I don’t know, I’m just stoked to get it back, put it that way,” the man told the New Zealand Herald.

The thief may have apologized and tried to make amends with the victim, however, the local police are still looking for the offender.

Never leave your car or truck running with the keys inside. That is just asking for trouble. And chances are slim that if your ride gets stolen, it will be returned in the same condition with gifts in the back seat.

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