I confused Google’s most advanced AI – but don’t laugh because programming is hard

skynesher/Getty Images Care to have some fun? Fun at Google’s expense? And when I say fun, I mean fun in, well, a morbid fascination, what-were-they-thinking, I’m-glad-I’m-not-the-product-manager kind of way? Our story begins with a Gemini Advanced release notes update published by Google on Tuesday. It talks about a new inline editor for the programming language … Read more

FDA warning: Don’t believe smartwatches claiming to monitor your blood sugar

The FDA has issued a new safety alert for smartwatch enthusiasts relying on their devices to monitor their health and potentially detect common conditions, including diabetes. The government agency warns consumers that they should steer clear of wearable smart devices that claim to detect blood glucose levels without actually penetrating a user’s skin — potentially … Read more

Gold at $3,000 and oil at $100 by 2025? Citi analysts don’t rule it out

(L) Oil pumpjacks and (R) gold bars Getty Images Gold prices could soar to $3,000 per ounce, and oil to $100 per barrel within the next 12 to 18 months subject to any one of three possible catalysts, according to Citi. Gold, which is currently trading at $2,016, could surge by about 50%, if central … Read more

Gore Verbinski Returns to Movies with Good Luck, Have Fun, Don’t Die

Image: Rochlin/FilmMagic (Getty Images) Once upon a time, Gore Verbinski was releasing movies at a reliable cadence, from Mouse Hunt and The Ring to the Pirates of the Carribean trilogy. Things took a turn in the 2010s with a pair of box office bombs: 2013’s The Lone Ranger and 2016’s A Cure for Wellness. He’s … Read more

‘I don’t have high hopes’

Trump attorney Alina Habba cast doubt on the outcome of the New York civil fraud trial against former President Trump, saying she thinks her client will be unhappy with the decision expected Friday. “If I could file the appeal now, I would,” Habba said in a Newsmax interview Wednesday. “There’s no surprises coming here.” “I’ll … Read more

Exclusive-Trump adviser proposes new tiered system for NATO members who don’t pay up

By Gram Slattery WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A leading national security adviser to Donald Trump told Reuters on Tuesday that he would push for changes to NATO if the former president returns to power that could result in some member nations losing protection against an outside attack. Keith Kellogg, a retired lieutenant general and onetime chief … Read more

The families of a few Israeli hostages don’t want a deal to bring them home. They want Hamas crushed

JERUSALEM — Chants of “Now! Now! Now!” ring out at nearly every protest in Israel imploring the government to do everything possible to win the immediate release of dozens of hostages held by Hamas. But a small group of hostages’ families is pushing a different message: Let the army first finish the job of defeating … Read more

Maggie Rogers Announces New Album Don’t Forget Me, Shares Video: Watch

Maggie Rogers is coming back on April 12 with the new album Don’t Forget Me. The Capitol Records release is led by the title track. Watch the music video for “Don’t Forget Me” below. Rogers wrote her new album over five days in December 2022 and January 2023. She worked on her Surrender follow-up with … Read more