CNN Fact-Checker Shreds Trump’s New ‘Bonkers Nonsense’

CNN’s fact check reporter Daniel Dale on Thursday thoroughly debunked one of Donald Trump’s latest wild claims, slamming it as “completely bonkers nonsense” and “insane.” Trump earlier in the day falsely claimed to reporters that the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection and storming of the U.S. Capitol was caused by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). “That … Read more

Hillary Clinton Repeatedly Snaps At Heckler In Bonkers Exchange

Hillary Clinton attempted to quiet a theatrical heckler this week in a tense exchange that lasted several minutes. (Watch the videos below.) Appearing on a panel for the Institute for Global Politics at Columbia University on Monday, Clinton got an earful from the protestor about a half-hour into the event. The man, identified as Robert … Read more

Jimmy Fallon Left Speechless By Donald Trump’s Latest Bonkers Insight

Donald Trump’s latest campaign rally comment gave Jimmy Fallon pause for thought on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Tonight Show.” Trump at an event in New Hampshire riffed on possibly being the first person to ever realize that the word “us” is spelled the same as “U.S,” the abbreviation for the United States. “I’m for us. … Read more

Trump Chooses His Own Shocking Cause Of Death In Bonkers New Rant

Donald Trump still doesn’t like sharks. The former president turned a rant against renewable energy into a wild explanation of how he’d rather die if he were on a sinking electric boat. “But if I’m sitting down, and that boat’s going down, and I’m on top of a battery, and the water starts flooding in, … Read more

Acronym’s new pc with Asus is bonkers, however that is the purpose

How do you critique purposeful artwork? Do you base your evaluation on its functionality or the decision at which it solves an issue? Is it extra vital that it succeeds as artwork? Or is it the general assertion of function that issues, steadiness between kind and performance be damned? Not questions I anticipated to grapple … Read more