A retired teacher and marine biologist fighting the government win an appeal to protect Barbuda land

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A top court in London ruled Tuesday that two residents of the tiny Caribbean island of Barbuda have the right to challenge construction of an airstrip that critics say endangers fragile ecosystems and was begun without any permits. The ruling by the Privy Council is considered a big win for … Read more

EU legislature backs a major plan to better protect nature and meet climate goals

STRASBOURG, France — The European Union’s legislature on Tuesday approved a watered-down plan to better protect nature and fight climate change in the 27-nation bloc, despite opposition from the biggest party in parliament and fierce protests from the farming community. The plan is a key part of the EU’s vaunted European Green Deal that seeks … Read more

In water-stressed Singapore, a search for new solutions to keep the taps flowing

SINGAPORE — A crack of thunder booms as dozens of screens in a locked office flash between live video of cars splashing through wet roads, drains sapping the streets dry, and reservoirs collecting the precious rainwater across the tropical island of Singapore. A team of government employees intently monitors the water, which will be collected … Read more

Tractor protests threaten to drive the EU’s green farming policies into a ditch

WESTROZEBEKE, Belgium — It was the puddles of green sludge left by the tires of massive tractors in western Belgium’s industrial farmlands that drew the attention of biological engineer Ineke Maes. The slime was destructive algae, the result of the excess of chemicals used by farmers to boost their crops, but at a high cost … Read more

India seeks to boost rooftop solar, especially for its remote areas

BENGALURU, India — Just a few years ago, someone who wanted to install a rooftop solar connection in India faced getting multiple approvals, finding a reliable company to install the panels and spending heavily before seeing the first surge of clean energy. But that’s changing. The government has streamlined the approvals process, made it easier … Read more

Trinidad hires foreign experts to help contain oil spill and remove capsized barge

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The government of Trinidad and Tobago announced Tuesday that it is partnering with international experts to remove the wreckage of a barge that capsized in nearby waters and caused a major oil spill. T&T Salvage, a Texas-based company, and QT Environmental, of Minnesota, will work with local officials to also … Read more

Singapore Airshow features aerial displays and the international debut of China’s C919

SINGAPORE — The Singapore Airshow – Asia’s largest – kicked off Tuesday with an array of aerial displays including some by China’s COMAC C919 narrow-body airliner. It’s the first time Singapore has opened the event to the public since 2020, when a scaled-down version went ahead as the COVID-19 pandemic was just starting. The biennial … Read more

As Super Bowl approaches, game-time guacamole affected by fewer avocado shipments from Mexico

MEXICO CITY — As the Super Bowl approaches, there could be problems for guacamole, a favorite game-time food in America: A lack of rain and warmer temperatures has resulted in fewer avocados being shipped from Mexico. The western state of Michoacan, which supplies almost 90% of the creamy textured fruit for the big game, has … Read more

Climate change is fueling the disappearance of the Aral Sea. It’s taking residents’ livelihoods, too

MUYNAK, Uzbekistan — Toxic dust storms, anti-government protests, the fall of the Soviet Union — for generations, none of it has deterred Nafisa Bayniyazova and her family from making a living growing melons, pumpkins and tomatoes on farms around the Aral Sea. Bayniyazova, 50, has spent most of her life near Muynak, in northwestern Uzbekistan, … Read more

The number of monarch butterflies at their Mexico wintering sites has plummeted this year

MEXICO CITY — The number of endangered monarch butterflies at their wintering areas in Mexico dropped by 59% this year to the second lowest level since record keeping began, experts said Wednesday, blaming pesticide use and climate change. The butterflies’ migration from Canada and the United States to Mexico and back again is considered a … Read more