Glen Powell Teases ‘Spectacular’ Sequel to Classic Disaster Movie

During a recent interview with People, Twisters star Glen Powell confirmed that he and the rest of the cast of the upcoming disaster sequel to the iconic 1996 film Twister have already seen the movie. Powell also expressed his excitement to “unleash” Twisters to audiences, promising a “badass” and “spectacular” theatrical experience. The film is … Read more

The U.S. Military Is Monitoring Another High-Altitude Balloon

It seems almost too comical to be true, but this is the world we live in. One year after the U.S. shot down a Chinese spy balloon that ignited a national frenzy, the military has spotted another balloon in American skies. Dave Bautista Opens Up About His Relationship With Denis Villeneuve Officials are tracking a … Read more

Quick thinking and a stroke of luck averted a moon lander disaster for Intuitive Machines

Intuitive Machines‘ spacecraft touched down yesterday on the lunar surface . . . sideways. CEO Steve Altemus confirmed during a press conference Friday that, while it wasn’t a perfect landing, it’s nothing short of a miracle the spacecraft landed intact at all. Using a small model of the lander, Altemus demonstrated how engineers believe the spacecraft, called Odysseus, made … Read more

NASA’s Fire-in-Space Experiment Ends in Flames

After eight years of experimenting with flames in space, NASA lit a fire inside a cargo spacecraft for the last time and sent its Saffire experiment toward a burning reentry into Earth’s atmosphere. Former NASA Astronaut Leland Melvin on the “Overview Effect” NASA’s Spacecraft Fire Safety Experiments, also known as Saffire, came to a fitting … Read more

SpaceX to Deorbit 100 Starlink Satellites Due to Detected Flaw

An unspecified defect in early model Starlink satellites has prompted SpaceX to preemptively deorbit the units before they potentially fail and become hazards in low Earth orbit. While the company remains confident that the deorbiting of these problematic units will prevent any issues, this incident underscores the challenges and uncertainties in navigating the realm of … Read more

Gaza mediators and others warn Israel of disaster if it launches a ground invasion on crowded Rafah

RAFAH, Gaza Strip — Israel’s neighbors and key mediators warned Saturday of disaster and repercussions if its military launches a ground invasion in Gaza’s southern city of Rafah, where Israel says remaining Hamas strongholds are located — along with over half the besieged territory’s population. Israeli airstrikes killed at least 44 Palestinians — including more … Read more

Dramatic Iceland Eruption Photos Show Lava Spreading Across Pristine Snow

Lava flows across snow-covered ground in southwestern Iceland.Photo: Marco Di Marco (AP) Southwestern Iceland has been a world transformed over the last few months, as initial tremors gave way to a full-throated volcanic eruption. The fishing village of Grindavík was evacuated in November, along with popular tourist destinations like the country’s Blue Lagoon, as residents … Read more

Please Don’t Be Dumb and Drive While Wearing the Apple Vision Pro

Viral videos of people driving while wearing Apple’s Vision Pro have horrified the public in recent days and forced the White House to come out and say: Please don’t be dumb. Mr. Tweet Fumbles Super Bowl Tweet It only took a few hours after Apple released its new $3,500 headset for videos to pop up … Read more

California’s Coastline Under Siege by Atmospheric River

California’s coast bore the brunt of an atmospheric river, a heavy corridor of moisture in the air that came to ground in the form of some diluvian rains. Atmospheric rivers are becoming somewhat routine on the West Coast, as moisture from the tropical Pacific turns into a “Pineapple Express,” rolling in from the west and … Read more