Will There Be a Girls5eva Season 4 Release Date & Is It Coming Out?

Wondering if there’s a release date for Girls5eva Season 4 ? Here is everything you need to know about the possible release date of the fourth installment in this comedy series. Girls5eva revolves around the lives of four women who had a one-off musical stint during the 1990s. However, they end up gaining relevance in … Read more

3 useful AI features coming to future Android phones with this Qualcomm chipset

Qualcomm Your phone’s processor is the unsung hero of the device because it is largely responsible for powering every cool, advanced feature that you’ve come to know and love about your smartphone. Qualcomm’s latest chip will push your next Android capabilities even further, especially when it comes to AI.  On Sunday, Qualcomm unveiled its newest … Read more

A new kind of hospital is coming to rural America. To qualify, facilities must close their beds

As rural hospitals continue to struggle financially, a new type of hospital is slowly taking root, especially in the Southeast. Rural emergency hospitals receive more than $3 million in federal funding a year and higher Medicare reimbursements in exchange for closing all inpatient beds and providing 24/7 emergency care. While that makes it easier for … Read more

I tried the AI robot massage coming to Equinox. It was surprisingly relaxing

Aescape/ZDNET It’s not every day that you’re lying on a massage table while two robot arms knead the stress out of your body. But there I was, dressed in form-fitting slate gray exercise wear, face sunk into the donut-shaped headrest as an AI-powered robot gave me a 30-minute massage. It left me feeling a little … Read more

Sam Bankman-Fried Floated ‘Coming Out’ as a Republican on Tucker Carlson After FTX Collapse

Are you a billionaire in trouble? Why not try coming out as a Republican and fully pivoting into very public complaints about the “woke agenda?” That’s precisely what Sam Bankman-Fried was thinking, according to newly released notes made by the crypto fraudster after FTX’s stunning collapse in 2022. Will More Celebs Continue to Join Crypto? … Read more

Smash hit Balatro is coming to iPhone and Android

The game originally shipped for consoles and Windows PCs — and was briefly banned from some storefronts over a ratings mistake. It’s back, and there’s also now a MacOS port that you can access by buying the game on Steam. The full Reddit AMA has loads of insight into Balatro’s development process, including their biggest … Read more

Will There Be a Bandidos Season 2 Release Date & Is It Coming Out?

Bandidos is an action-adventure series that follows treasure hunters Miguel and Lilí, as they look for a famed loot. They soon discover that some nefarious individuals are also looking for the same Mayan treasure. Season 1, comprising seven episodes, premiered on March 13, 2024. In case you want to know whether there will be another … Read more

Uber’s posh electric rideshare service is coming to NYC

Uber is bringing its all-electric luxury rideshare service to its biggest market yet: New York City. The launch will coincide with the rollout of new product features aimed at steering its customers toward greener choices when using Uber. Uber first launched its Comfort Electric service, in which customers can hail trips in premium priced EVs … Read more

British fighter in Ukraine inspired by Liz Truss killed himself after coming home, inquest hears

A young British man who took his own life after fighting in Ukraine went to the country after former prime minister Liz Truss claimed anyone who did so would be joining a “battle for democracy”, his family said. Harry Gregg was 23 and had no formal military training other than a spell in the Army … Read more