Long walk to school: 30 years into freedom, many kids in South Africa still walk miles to class

DUNDEE, South Africa — On weekdays, 14-year-old Luyanda Hlali gets up before dawn to fetch firewood and cow dung to start a fire and boil some water before her four siblings and parents wake up. The mornings are a hive of activity in the Nhlangothi home, in the tiny village of Stratford in South Africa’s … Read more

Refugee children’s education in Rwanda under threat because of reduced UN funding

NAIROBI, Kenya — Cuts to U.N. funding for refugees living in Rwanda is threatening the right to education for children in more than 100,000 households who have fled conflict from different East African countries to live in five camps. A Burundian refugee, Epimaque Nzohoraho, told The Associated Press on Thursday how his son’s boarding school … Read more