Bodies of 3 Rohingya refugees are found dead as Indonesia ends rescue for capsized boat

CALANG, Indonesia — The bodies of three Rohingya refugees were found in the sea as the Indonesian authorities ended a search for survivors from a boat that capsized near Aceh province, the provincial search and rescue agency said Sunday. Fishers and a search and rescue team rescued 75 people from the boat on Thursday — … Read more

Ruby Franke’s journals detailing abuse of her children are released

Ruby Franke, a former YouTube family vlogger from Utah who was sentenced last month on child abuse charges, detailed months of abuse in handwritten journal entries released by prosecutors Friday. In the heavily redacted entries, Franke repeatedly insisted that her son was possessed by a demon. In one entry from July 11, 2023, she wrote … Read more

People Are Talking About The Most Horrifying Real-Life Deaths They’ve Heard About And This Is Not For Children

As someone who writes a lot about terrifying things and spends hours going down Reddit rabbit holes, my attention was grabbed when I came across an interesting r/AskReddit thread from a few months ago. User daddadnc posed the question, “What’s the most horrifying real-life death you’ve heard about?” and there were an astounding number of … Read more

New Zealand will ban disposable e-cigarettes in a bid to prevent minors from taking up the habit

New Zealand says it will ban disposable e-cigarettes, or vapes, and raise financial penalties for those who sell such products to minors WELLINGTON, New Zealand — New Zealand said Wednesday it will ban disposable e-cigarettes, or vapes, and raise financial penalties for those who sell such products to minors. The move comes less than a … Read more

Russia says it will evacuate 9,000 children from a border region targeted from the Ukrainian side

A Russian border region plans to evacuate some 9,000 children from the area as it is continuously shelled from the Ukrainian side, an official said Tuesday. Kyiv’s forces have increasingly been striking at targets behind the extensive front line that has changed little after more than two years of war. The children are to be … Read more

Lily Allen Claims Having Children ‘Totally Ruined’ Her Pop Career

English singer-songwriter Lily Allen has opened up about what she thinks impeded her pop career. Allen admitted that having kids was an event that “totally ruined” her career, as she prioritized them over work. The singer-turned-actress noted that her decision was influenced by the fact that her parents were “quite absent” from her life as … Read more

Your Kid May Already Be Watching AI-Generated Videos on YouTube

Neither Yes! Neo nor Super Crazy Kids responded to WIRED’s request for comment. Few Limits Yes! Neo, Super Crazy Kids, and other similar channels share a common look—they feature 3D animation in a style similar to Cocomelon, YouTube’s most popular children’s channel in the US. (Dana Steiner, a spokesperson for Cocomelon’s parent company Moonbug, says … Read more

Ethiopia’s Tigray region is now peaceful, but extreme hunger afflicts its children

NEBAR HADNET, Ethiopia — The cruel realities of war and drought seem to have merged for Tinseu Hiluf, a widow living in the arid depths of Ethiopia’s Tigray region who is raising four children left behind by her sister’s recent death in childbirth. A two-year war between federal troops and regional forces killed one of … Read more

9 people dead and 78 others hospitalized after eating sea turtle meat on Zanzibar’s Pemba Island

ZANZIBAR, Tanzania — Eight children and an adult died after eating sea turtle meat on Pemba Island in the Zanzibar archipelago and 78 other people were hospitalized, authorities said Saturday. Sea turtle meat is considered a delicacy by Zanzibar’s people even though it periodically results in deaths from chelonitoxism, a type of food poisoning. The … Read more

Meghan Markle Says She Received the Most Online Hate When She Was Pregnant With Her Two Children

Meghan Markle is opening up about the cruelty directed her way via social media, which she said reached a boiling point during each of her two pregnancies. The Duchess of Sussex was among the keynote speakers Friday at the “Breaking Barriers, Shaping Narratives: How Women Lead On and Off the Screen” discussion to kick off the … Read more