Season 4 Trailer Teases Election, Supes Strife

Image: Prime Video It’s been over a full year since the last season of The Boys, and while Gen V’s definitely kept the franchise going, it teed up some interesting developments for the mothership show’s return. While the next season is still a couple of months out, Prime Video’s released a first look at what’s … Read more

New Image From The Boys Season 4 Shows Homelander

Anthony Starr returns as the powerful villain in the Prime Video drama. Image via Prime Video The Big Picture The Boys stands out for portraying corrupt superheroes and a group of non-powered individuals trying to take them down. Homelander continues his descent into madness and demonstrates his selfish nature, getting in the way of humanity. … Read more

The Boys’ Antony Starr Shares Sweary Video of His Gen V Cameo

Antony Starr as Homelander on Gen V.Image: Prime Video We’ve seen a lot of behind-the-scenes videos showing buff actors pulling off action-hero feats. But it’s hard to recall any performer keeping it as real as Antony Starr. He plays Homelander on The Boys, so he’s presumably no stranger to stunts and wire work. But for … Read more

Michele Fazekas & Eric Kripke Dive Into Finale Spoilers

Earlier this week, Prime Video’s Gen V ended its debut season. The college-bound spinoff of the streamer’s popular series The Boys has managed to make its own separate name for itself with audiences, but the question was always going to be in what way it linked up with the main show. And the way it … Read more