Gen AI financial scams are getting very good at duping work email

More than one in four companies now ban their employees from using generative AI. But that does little to protect against criminals who use it to trick employees into sharing sensitive information or pay fraudulent invoices. Armed with ChatGPT or its dark web equivalent, FraudGPT, criminals can easily create realistic videos of profit and loss … Read more

Get an iPad 10th Gen and AppleCare+ bundle for $408 at Amazon

Get an iPad 10th Gen bundle deal right now.  June Wan/ZDNET If you’ve been eyeing an iPad, you know that Apple’s flagship tablet lineup is not cheap. You also know that Apple’s products don’t frequently see sales. But tight now, ahead of Presidents’ Day 2024, Amazon has the latest base model iPad, the 10th Gen, … Read more

Indonesia’s presidential hopefuls on TikTok to woo Gen Zs, millennials

Indonesia’s presidential election is due 14 February and candidates are going all out to win over voters in this country of 274 million. With millennials and Gen Z voters making up 56.5% of the electorate campaigning is often done on social media. One platform in particular has emerged as key, TikTok. Sopa Images | Lightrocket … Read more

Zelensky to oust Gen. Valery Zaluzhny amid tension over Ukraine mobilization

KYIV — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told his top commander, Gen. Valery Zaluzhny, that he was firing him in a meeting on Monday, according to a senior official familiar with the conversation — a disruptive military shake-up amid Ukraine’s struggles on the battlefield and after months of friction between the president and the popular general. … Read more

Taxes 2024: Gen Z Is Overwhelmed by Tax Season. Here Are 7 Expert Tips to Make Filing Smoother

In the (mostly) immortal words of Tom Hanks: There’s no crying in tax season.  This story is part of Taxes 2024, CNET’s coverage of the best tax software, tax tips and everything else you need to file your return and track your refund. Yet 54% of Gen Z reports that anxiety over filing their tax … Read more

To Keep Gen Z, Companies Need to Level Up

In 2024, there will be a paradigm shift in employee-employer power and trust dynamics. It’s part of a generational redesign of work from being like a game of Tetris to becoming like a game of Roblox. Growing up, I spent countless hours playing Tetris on my Nintendo Game Boy. There was something mesmerizing about slotting … Read more

Gen Zers lead the way in Singapore’s online shopping space

Logos of online social media and social networking sites displayed on a smartphone screen on August 01, 2023 in Bath, England. Matt Cardy | Getty Images News | Getty Images SINGAPORE — As more businesses turn to social media to sell their merchandise, online shoppers in Singapore are exploring new buying experiences — and Gen … Read more

Google Cloud rolls out new gen AI products for retailers

Google wants to inject a little generative AI into retail. Or to try, at least. To coincide with the National Retailer Association’s annual conference in NYC, Google Cloud today unveiled new gen AI products designed to help retailers personalize their online shopping experiences and streamline their back-office operations. As to whether they perform as advertised, … Read more

Gen Z and the Art of Incentivized Self-Actualization

When the pandemic hit, Gen Z-ers—born between 1997 and 2012—were just entering adulthood. After enduring a particularly difficult time during lockdowns, today they face an acute mental health crisis. As a result, in 2024, many will be asking more from their work life. When my research team at Harvard University interviewed 80 Gen Z college … Read more