‘Fantastic Four’ Cast Guide — Who’s Playing Marvel’s First Family?

Get ready superfans! After years of waiting, some of Marvel’s most influential characters will be getting another crack at the spotlight with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’sTheFantastic Four. There have been more than a few film adaptations over the years, such as the 1994 Roger Corman creation, the 2005 film, and its 2007 sequel, and the … Read more

Matthew Vaughn Says Deadpool 3 Will Fix All of Marvel’s Prolems

Image: Marvel Studios The upcoming Deadpool 3 unexpectedly has a lot riding on it. Not only is it going to serve as the first example of how mutants and more R-rated characters will interact with the MCU, it’s also got to appease those excited by the return of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Unfortunately, it’s also got … Read more

The Marvels Disney+ Release Date Announced

Marvel Studios has officially announced The Marvels Disney+ release date for its latest superhero team-up movie starring Oscar winner Brie Larson as Carol Danvers/ Captain Marvel. When is The Marvels Disney+ release date? After over two months since its theatrical release, The Marvels will finally be available for streaming on Disney+ starting on Wednesday, February … Read more

How to watch ‘The Marvels’: Release date, streaming deals, and more

Watch ‘The Marvels’ at home with these quick links: STREAM AT A LATER DATE Disney+ $7.99/month (with ads) The Marvels, the latest theatrical MCU release, is already headed to the small screen. While the film only flew into theaters in November, it’s making its streaming debut this month — well, kind of. It won’t be available … Read more

7 Things We Liked, and 3 We Didn’t, About Marvel’s Echo

Image: Marvel Studios After a first episode that’s largely about filling in the blanks from the previous show, the next two episodes set up Maya as would-be Queen-Pin, only for that to go away when Kingpin arrives. Then the final two episodes become very much a showdown between the two characters—until, finally, in the last … Read more

See how ‘The Marvels’ VFX team brought space to life in this exclusive clip

Wonder how the team behind The Marvels was able to create the film’s many space-based environments? Then check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from the making of the film. SEE ALSO: Exoplanet weather report: hot with a chance of cyclone In the clip, Director of Photography Sean Bobbitt and Visual Effects Supervisor Tara DeMarco discuss … Read more

These Iron Man-like ‘exosuits’ can morph us into mobility marvels

An exosuit developed for running and walking at Chung-Ang University, S. Korea Chung-Ang University The hit Marvel character Iron Man was first dreamed up in 1961 but the popular film franchise starring Robert Downey Jr as ace inventor Tony Stark is so contemporary and fresh in our minds that the character’s impregnable superhero suits still … Read more

Marvel’s What If…? Nebula Episode Almost Had A Tragic Ending

The episode sees Nebula becoming a Nova Corps investigator after Ronan betrays and kills Thanos. She ends up developing close ties to Nova Prime (Julianne Grossman), who recruits her to the Nova Corps and tasks her with finding out who murdered Yondu. In time, though, Nebula discovers Prime is aligned with Ronan and successfully teams … Read more

Steven Yeun Drops Out of Marvel’s Thunderbolts

Image: AMC What you’ve heard is true: The Walking Dead alum Steven Yeun is no longer in the cast for Marvel’s upcoming Thunderbolts movie. ‘We’re Gonna Drop a Bomb’ | David Harbour on Thunderbolts The un-casting was officially confirmed via the Hollywood Reporter. Though an official reason wasn’t given, it’s worth pointing out that Thunderbolts … Read more

Marvel’s Black Panther Disney Plus series will dig into Wakandan history

Details about Marvel’s forthcoming Black Panther spinoff series have been sparse since the studio first announced it a couple years back. But ahead of What If …?’s season 2 premiere on Disney Plus, the streamer’s just shared a few promising details about what to expect from The Eyes of Wakanda. Along with reminders about the … Read more