“Always there for you” – ‘Dog lover’ Angela Lee speaks about late doggo Rocky and mental health benefits of owning a pet

Most pet owners know the immediate joys that come with sharing their lives with furry friends. Former ONE atomweight MMA world champion Angela Lee is no different. Per various studies, companion animals have been known to have the ability to ease loneliness and reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. On top of that, a pet can … Read more

Lone gunman in Czech mass shooting had no record and slipped through cracks despite owning 8 guns

PRAGUE — Czech politicians tend to boast that their country is one of the safest in the world from gun violence. But the worst mass killing in the nation’s history this week — along with other shootings over the last decade — suggest that might not be true. At the Faculty of Arts department at … Read more

Meri Brown Accuses Kody Of ‘Not Owning His Part’ Amid End Of Marriage

Meri Brown is finally ready to move on from her estranged husband, but she does not leave without giving Kody Brown a piece of her mind. The latest episode of TLC’s reality TV series “Sister Wives” captured the bed and breakfast inn owner severing all ties to the polygamist — legally, spiritually, and emotionally. Although … Read more

How Owning a Passive Home Could Wipe Out Your Energy Bill

In light of intensifying natural disasters, higher energy bills and interrupted power service, many people are searching for ways to make their homes stronger and less reliant on the power grid.  “Things like ‘passive house’ have become more popular because they’re at the pinnacle of an energy-efficiency push,” says Austin Trautman, the founder of Vali … Read more

Aaron Rodgers takes yet another swipe at ‘owning’ Bears, lauds Jordan Love’s Week 1 beatdown of Chicago

Aaron Rodgers’ season started in the worst possible manner. He tore his Achilles on the first drive of his debut with the New York Jets. All the excitement that was built around the Jets for this season was quickly finished as the four-time NFL MVP will be sidelined for a significant period of time. In … Read more