Singapore is the happiest country in Asia: World Happiness Report 2024

Singapore is the happiest country in Asia according to the 2024 World Happiness Report. Matthew Ng | E+ | Getty Images Singapore is the happiest country in Asia for the second year in a row, according to the 2024 World Happiness Report released Wednesday. The city-state ranked 30 out of the 143 places surveyed for … Read more

The Carevoice raises $10M Series B, bucking the funding slowdown in health tech

The field of insurance technology has had a rough time. About 7 years ago, early insurtech companies promised to disrupt the insurance industry with new tech, but today, most of those companies have either been acquired or are floundering in the public markets. Fortunately, insurtech has found a new wave to ride in the past … Read more

The Keys to a Long Life Are Sleep and a Better Diet—and Money

And of course there are other priorities: infectious disease, pandemic control, global health, prevention of childhood diseases. If you ask Bill Gates, he’d have a whole different set of priorities. You could argue that those would actually improve average longevity far more than anti-ageing research, by reducing infant mortality and infectious disease and so on. … Read more

Kate Middleton latest health update revealed as Windsor Farm video goes viral

Kate Middleton has been going through a hard time recovering post-surgery as she is “struggling to eat” amid drama surrounding her whereabouts. The health update of the Princess of Wales comes after a video, seemingly featuring her, and Prince William at the Windsor Farm Shop, has gone viral. According to Radar Online, Kate’s health has … Read more

Oprah Winfrey Opens Up About Her Decades-Long Weight Shaming in TV Special: ‘I Was Ridiculed’

Oprah Winfrey took to the stage in her new TV special about weight loss, and addressed how she’s been the victim of public shaming and humiliation for decades. The media mogul addressed a live studio audience in her new TV event, An Oprah Special: Shame, Blame, and the Weight Loss Revolution, which aired Monday night, and … Read more

South Korea suspends the licenses of 2 senior doctors over doctors’ walkouts

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korean authorities will suspend the licenses of two senior doctors for allegedly inciting the weekslong walkouts by thousands of medical interns and residents that have disrupted hospital operations, one of the doctors said Monday. The impending suspensions are the punishments against physicians after more than 90% of the country’s 13,000 … Read more

In a global first, Gambia could reverse its ban on female genital cutting

ERREKUNDA, Gambia — Lawmakers in Gambia on Monday rejected, for now, an attempt to repeal a ban on female genital cutting, which would make the West African nation the first country anywhere to make that reversal. Activists in the largely Muslim country had warned that lifting the ban would hurt years of work against a … Read more

Major Studies Find No Evidence of Brain Injury in Havana Syndrome Cases

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health examined dozens of government employees and their families who experienced “Havana Syndrome” and found no evidence of significant brain injury or other biomarkers that would explain their ailments. Despite the findings, the report authors say that the symptoms felt by these sufferers are real and often debilitating. In … Read more

Jabra Enhance Select 300 Hearing Aids Review: Some of the Best We’ve Tested

I’ve been covering hearing aids for WIRED for nearly three years now, and I regularly talk to users and prospects about them when I wear them in public. Regardless of what I’m testing, one brand name has consistently and repeatedly popped up during that time: Jabra. The Danish brand has a long history making a … Read more