How much does OnlyFans pay? It’s the most lucrative side hustle.

In not-so-surprising news, OnlyFans is a pretty lucrative side hustle. Keeper, a tax-filing service focused on freelance workers, found OnlyFans had the highest median income of the top side hustles. It found the median annual income was $4,995. For comparison’s sake, the most popular side hustle — DoorDash — had a median annual income of … Read more

Cox Communications won’t have to pay $1 billion to record labels after all

In the seemingly endless fight between record labels and ISPs over music piracy, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia decided Tuesday that $1 billion is too much for Cox Communications to pay record labels in damages. Instead, as reported by Reuters, a new trial should be set in a federal district court … Read more

Letitia James says she’s prepared to seize Trump’s buildings if he can’t pay his $354M civil fraud fine

Four days after a judge ordered former President Donald Trump to pay $354 million in his civil fraud case, New York Attorney General Letitia James told ABC News that she is prepared to seize the former president’s assets if he is unable to find the cash to cover the fine. “If he does not have … Read more

Pay Just $199 for Bose’s Amazing QuietComfort 45 ANC Headphones

Bose has long been one of the biggest players in the world of noise-canceling headphone, and its QuietComfort 45 headphones are generally accepted to be among the best you’re likely to find. Buying top-quality hardware normally means spending a lot of money, but you can pick up a pair of Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones for just … Read more

GoFundMe Addresses Calls To Halt Donald Trump Fundraiser Launched To Pay $355M Fine

GoFundMe has an answer for those who have asked if Donald Trump’s fundraiser on their site goes against their policy. The page has so far raised over $500k since being launched to help the billionaire mogul pay off the $355 million fine from his New York fraud trial. GoFundMe Says The ‘Fundraiser Is Currently Within Our … Read more

Canada airline to pay customer after chatbot gave false information

After his grandmother died in Ontario a few years ago, British Columbia resident Jake Moffatt visited Air Canada’s website to book a flight for the funeral. He received assistance from a chatbot, which told him the airline offered reduced rates for passengers booking last-minute travel due to tragedies. Moffatt bought a nearly $600 ticket for … Read more

Michael Cohen Says Trump Couldn’t Pay $355 Million Even if He Sold All His NYC Assets: ‘He’s Stuck’

Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen — who testified against the ex-president in the fraud trial that ended Friday with a stiff $355 million fine — said that even if Trump sold all his New York real estate assets, he’d never be able to come up with that kind of money. “Where does he … Read more

UPDATE 4-Donald Trump must pay $354.9 million, barred from NY business for 3 years, judge rules

(Adds quotes from judge and Trump lawyer, details on ruling) By Jack Queen and Luc Cohen NEW YORK, Feb 16 (Reuters) – Donald Trump must pay $354.9 million in penalties for fraudulently overstating his net worth to dupe lenders, a New York judge ruled on Friday, handing the former U.S. president another legal setback in … Read more