Glassdoor Wants to Know Your Real Name

Glassdoor has a history of working to keep its users’ identities private, but there are concerns about these identity changes. “Glassdoor has been second to none in defending their user’s First Amendment rights,” says Aaron Mackey, a senior staff attorney with the digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation. He represented a Glassdoor user in a … Read more

Laid-off techies struggle to find jobs with cuts at highest since 2001

The Google office in New York on February 2, 2023. Ed Jones | Afp | Getty Images Allison Croisant, a data scientist with about a decade of experience in technology, was laid off by PayPal earlier this year, joining the masses of unemployed across her industry. Croisant has one word to describe the process of … Read more

Ageism Haunts Some Tech Workers in the Race to Get Hired

The US economy is showing remarkable health, but in the tech industry, layoffs keep coming. For those out of work, finding a new position can become a full-time job. And in tech—a sector notoriously always looking for the next hot, new thing—some people whose days as fresh-faced coders are long gone say that having decades … Read more

IBM is cutting jobs in marketing and communications

POLAND – 2023/09/11: In this photo illustration, IBM logo seen displayed on a smartphone with Artifical Intelligence (AI) symbols in the background.  Omar Marques | Lightrocket | Getty Images IBM on Tuesday told employees in its marketing and communications division that it’s slashing the size of its staff, according to a person with knowledge of … Read more

Women CEOs in New Zealand enjoy twice the pay of male counterparts

In 2023, New Zealand had the strongest board representation with more than 40% of female CEOs, according to MSCI. Shannon Fagan | The Image Bank | Getty Images New Zealand is showing the way for women participation in executive roles, as well as compensation, at a time when the rest of the world suffers from … Read more

A mixed picture on U.S. jobs growth

Workers at a restaurant at Grand Central Market in Los Angeles, California, US, on Thursday, Nov. 2, 2023.  Eric Thayer | Bloomberg | Getty Images This report is from today’s CNBC Daily Open, our international markets newsletter. CNBC Daily Open brings investors up to speed on everything they need to know, no matter where they … Read more

Here’s where the jobs are for February 2024 — in one chart

The U.S. labor market showed continuing strength in February through broad job creation of 275,000, with one sector leading the charge. Health care and social assistance saw the largest hiring gains of 90,700 jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The sector got a boost from sharp gains in hospital and ambulatory health-care services, … Read more

Why Tech Job Interviews Became Such a Nightmare

Sasha Luccioni, an AI researcher in Montreal, responded to WIRED’s story to say it was “10,000 percent true!” She added that over-the-top interviews are a long-established problem in parts of the industry. During a past job search, she tweeted, one Big Tech company “made me do *12* interviews and a take-home assignment.” (Luccioni declined to … Read more

LinkedIn Tells People if You Look at Their Profile. Here’s How to Turn That Off

LinkedIn may or may not be the perfect Twitter replacement, but one thing is for sure: It’s a profoundly weird place. Staying active on the platform is basically required for today’s knowledge workers to find employment, which is odd. Also, it’s a place where a lot of people spend time pretending recruiters and hiring managers … Read more