Messi Denies Hong Kong No-Show Was Political in Appeal to Chinese Fans

Lionel Messi sought to draw a line under controversy about his failure to play in a football match in Hong Kong earlier this month, saying his absence wasn’t due to political reasons and he has great affection for China. In a video statement released on Chinese social media late Monday, the Inter Miami star said … Read more

India Supreme Court Eliminates Anonymous Political Donations

Political observers in India have long warned against political finance as a vehicle driving corruption in the world’s biggest democracy.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in the general elections, where opacity in political funding and the murky flow of funds have often benefited the party in power. It has also contributed to the soaring … Read more

Donald Trump Launches Website Selling $400 Sneakers but Claims It’s ‘Not Political’

Donald Trump made an appearance at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia on Saturday to announce a new website that sells Trump-branded sneakers for as much as $400. But if you take a close look at the fine print, this isn’t part of Trump’s effort to become president again. It’s purely a way for Trump to make … Read more

Want Gemini and ChatGPT to Write Political Campaigns? Just Gaslight Them

These days, we hear a lot about all the safeguards Gemini and ChatGPT have in place. But all you need to do is gaslight them and they’ll spit out anything you need for your political campaign. Why is Everyone Suing AI Companies? | Future Tech Gizmodo was able to get Gemini and ChatGPT to write … Read more

India Supreme Court bans anonymous political donations ahead of elections

NEW DELHI — In what could be a serious blow to India’s richest and most dominant political party, the Supreme Court struck down a type of anonymous political donations on Thursday, just ahead of a national election this summer. The country’s elections have become the most expensive in the world, even surpassing America’s notoriously pricey … Read more

India’s top court strikes down system for anonymous political donations ahead of national elections

NEW DELHI — India’s top court on Thursday struck down a controversial election funding system that allowed individuals and companies to send unlimited donations to political parties without the need to disclose donor identity, a system critics have long said is undemocratic and favored Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling party. A five-judge constitution bench on … Read more

Trump’s NATO comments stir up a political storm as Russia keeps quiet

Former U.S. president Donald Trump pictured during a meeting with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg at Winfield House, London on Dec. 3, 2019. NICHOLAS KAMM | AFP | Getty Images Former U.S. head of state and presidential candidate Donald Trump stoked the ire of U.S. lawmakers and international leaders, after remarking he would not protect NATO … Read more

Instagram, Threads to stop recommending some political content

As the 2024 U.S. election nears, social media platforms are trying to avoid repeating their past mistakes: egregious missteps that helped spread misinformation and disinformation and fueled political ire and divide. As a result of years of scrutiny over how these platforms handle political disinformation and and extremism, many have created a whole host of … Read more

Instagram and Threads will no longer ‘proactively’ recommend political content

Meta doesn’t want its new app Threads to become another Twitter, full of heated political debates and the resulting toxicity that entails. In an announcement today, the company detailed how it will approach the recommendation of political content across both Instagram and its sister app, Threads, a competitor to Elon Musk’s X. In short, it … Read more

First lady questions whether special counsel referenced son’s death to score political points

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — First lady Jill Biden said in an email to campaign donors on Saturday she didn’t know what the special counsel was trying to achieve when he suggested President Joe Biden could not remember his son’s death. ”We should give everyone grace, and I can’t imagine someone would try to use our … Read more