Netanyahu says ‘no way’ to eliminate Hamas without Rafah operation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remained defiant Tuesday in the face of mounting U.S. pressure to abandon plans to invade Rafah, vowing to press ahead with an attack on the southern Gaza city, where more than 1 million displaced people have fled since the start of the war. In remarks to the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs … Read more

Netanyahu rails against US criticism and says Israel won’t stop until ‘total victory’ is achieved

TEL AVIV, Israel — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu railed Sunday against growing criticism from the United States against his leadership amid the devasting war with Hamas, saying the pressure won’t stop Israel from achieving “total victory.” In recent days, top officials from the U.S., Israel’s staunchest ally which has provided key military and diplomatic … Read more

Israeli officials slam Charles Schumer’s speech criticizing Netanyahu

Israeli officials hit back at a scathing speech by Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) that criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and called for new elections — as news outlets and commentators there questioned what it could mean for Israel’s relationship with Washington, its strongest ally. As officials from various parties cautioned the … Read more

U.S. Patience with Netanyahu is Running Out

It’s never been a secret: many Democrats despise Benjamin Netanyahu. But with Israel’s military campaign to destroy Hamas producing a humanitarian catastrophe and tens of thousands of civilian deaths, Democratic leaders are taking a gloves-off approach toward the Israeli Prime Minister who refuses to change course in Gaza: calling for the end of his reign … Read more

Biden and Netanyahu on a collision course?

US President Joe Biden (L) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) meet in Tel Aviv, Israel on October 18, 2023. (Photo by GPO/ Handout/Anadolu via Getty Images) GPO | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images Visible tensions are appearing in the historically close relationship between the White House and Israel, as the war in Gaza becomes … Read more

Biden in a hot mic moment shows his growing frustration with Netanyahu over Gaza humanitarian crisis

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden ‘s growing frustration with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to mount, with the Democrat captured on a hot mic saying that he and the Israeli leader will need to have a “come to Jesus meeting.” The comments by Biden came as he spoke with Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., … Read more

Netanyahu leaned on his top rival to help unify Israel. Now, Benny Gantz is more popular

JERUSALEM — The top political rival of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is meeting with U.S. leaders in Washington this week to discuss the war in Gaza. Benny Gantz is a key member of Israel’s War Cabinet whose popularity is on the rise — and who has a pivotal role to play in the country’s … Read more

Israel’s wartime Cabinet is shaken by a dispute between Netanyahu and his top political rival

TEL AVIV, Israel — A top Israeli Cabinet minister headed to Washington on Sunday for talks with U.S. officials, sparking a rebuke from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to an Israeli official, in a sign of widening cracks in Israel’s wartime government nearly five months into its war with Hamas. The trip by Benny Gantz, … Read more