Male Elephant Seal Saves Drowning Pup in Rare Act of Intraspecies Heroism

During mating season, male seals usually have one thing on their mind. For about three months, the seals conserve all their energy to mate, or at least try to, with nearby females at the beach. But not all heroes wear capes; some of them wear 2 tons of blubber and are willing to sacrifice precious … Read more

It’s A Bones Day! TikTok Famous Noodle The Pug’s Owner Adopts New Pup!

It’s a BONES DAY! When TikTok famous Noodle the pug passed away in December 2022, the internet shed tears for the pup who told us if each day would be a “bones day” or a “no bones day.” His owner, Jonathan Graziano, repeatedly explained that he wasn’t going to adopt another pug until he was … Read more

Kevin Costner Posts Pics Of Pup Amid Ex-Wife’s Romance With Banker Friend

Hollywood star Kevin Costner has a new love in his life. The “Yellowstone” actor shared an adorable photo dump of himself and a puppy he got on social media. This comes following news of his ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, dating his neighbor and banker friend, Josh Connor. Recently, reports claimed that Costner had an inkling about … Read more

Learn About Your Pup With This $85 DNA Test Kit for Dogs From Basepaws (Save $64)

If you have critters at home, then you know furry friends are a part of the family. It’s only natural that you’d want to learn everything there is to know about your pets, and Basepaws understands how important that is to pet owners. Basepaws DNA test kits can give you access to in-depth information about … Read more

Starfish House pulls Otter Pup servicing car again from “the brink of loss of life”

In opposition to all odds, Starfish House has managed to drag its first orbital mission again from the brink of disaster, with the startup saying Tuesday that it has re-gained management over the Otter Pup spacecraft that had been quickly tumbling by area. The Kent, Washington-based startup stated it should now transfer forward with an … Read more