Japan’s space agency says it hopes to forge a profitable launch business with its new H3 rocket

TOBISHIMA, Japan — Japan’s space agency and its prime contractor said Thursday they hope to be able to forge a profitable launch business with their new H3 rocket after its first successful flight last month in an increasingly competitive market dominated by Space X. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have been developing … Read more

Swedish appeals court rules space rock should stay with the owner of the property where it landed

STOCKHOLM — A Swedish land owner won a legal battle Thursday to keep a 14-kilogram (31-pound) meteorite when an appeals court ruled that such rocks should be considered “immovable property” and part of the land where they are found. The property on which the meteorite landed contains iron and the meteorite is made of iron. … Read more

The Swatch x Omega Snoopy MoonSwatch Has Landed

The connection between Snoopy and Omega is long established, and it’s likely this iteration of the wildly successful Swatch collaboration will be its most popular model, especially as it is a proper new iteration and not a version of the Moonshine Gold MoonSwatches. “There seems to be an increasingly sonorous groan echoing throughout the enthusiast … Read more

Supercomputer Suggests ‘Super Diamonds’ Could Exist in Space

Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material on Earth, but a supercomputer just modeled stuff that’s even harder. Called a ‘super-diamond,’ the theoretical material could exist beyond our planet—and maybe, one day, be created here on Earth. How Important Was it for Jason Reitman to be a Part of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire? Like normal diamonds, … Read more

No, You Can’t Actually Eat A Michelin Star Meal in Space

Space tourism has unlocked a new brand of luxury travel, one which promises expensive meals and designer flight suits with views of Earth’s curvature as a backdrop. A Florida-based startup is offering six passengers the chance to ride on board its balloon-propelled capsule while chowing down on what it claims to be the first Michelin-starred … Read more

I witnessed the satellite communications space race in Barcelona, and everyone’s winning

Anton Petrus/Getty Images Satellite communication technology is gaining global attention as its signals expand beyond the Earth’s surface and to the upper atmosphere and space. This expansion not only advances technology itself but also paves the way for creating new business models. Satellite communication can be described as a type of wireless communication that uses … Read more

How to Free Up Space in Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive

How many unread emails do you have right now? Sixty? Six thousand? Well, all of those messages and attachments take up space, whether they’re unread, old, or archived. And if you’re on Gmail and aren’t one of those weird inbox zero people who stays on top of things, you might be running out of space. … Read more

Webb telescope makes curious find in deep space: alcohol

The powerful eye of the James Webb Space Telescope has spotted vital chemicals around two youthful stars. Astronomers focused the space observatory, which orbits 1 million miles from Earth, on cosmic regions around these protostars, which are so youthful they haven’t yet formed planets. But they almost certainly will: NASA suspects nearly every star has … Read more

The best space heaters of 2024

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool™ Fan Heater features: 350-degree oscillation | Heats up to 290 square feet | Captures 99.97% of particles  Dyson is known for making high-end products with ground-breaking technology, and the Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool fan heater is no exception as one of the best space heaters. This device functions as a fan, heater, and … Read more