New Zealand Women vs England Women – Scorecard & Stats – England Women in New Zealand

England Women 1st innings Total 160 for -4, from 20 overs. Batting Runs Balls 4s 6s SR Beaumont c Rowe b Jonas; 15 runs, 14 balls, 3 fours, 0 sixes, and a strike rate of 107.14 Dunkley c Gaze b Tahuhu; 32 runs, 24 balls, 6 fours, 0 sixes, and a strike rate of 133.33 … Read more

Bonavita 5-Cup One-Touch Thermal Carafe Review: Simple and Excellent

After years of trial and error, my coffee setup is nicely streamlined. I have an Oxo 8-Cup for a full pot or quick single cup, an AeroPress for a higher-end mugful, and a French press for when I’m feeling nostalgic. Thanks to a tiny, bare-bones new machine, though, I’m considering changing up my countertop lineup. … Read more

Review: Orange Box Bluetooth Speaker

Think about the last time you saw a person lugging around a Bluetooth speaker and thought to yourself, “Dang, that person looks cool. I want to listen to whatever they’re listening to!” If you have no such memory, you’re not to blame, and you’re certainly not alone. Many portable speakers are dorky hunks of plastic … Read more

Jabra Enhance Select 300 Hearing Aids Review: Some of the Best We’ve Tested

I’ve been covering hearing aids for WIRED for nearly three years now, and I regularly talk to users and prospects about them when I wear them in public. Regardless of what I’m testing, one brand name has consistently and repeatedly popped up during that time: Jabra. The Danish brand has a long history making a … Read more

Creative Labs Pebble X Review: Arguably the Best PC Speakers Under $100

Pros Compact design Very good sound quality for their size and price RGB lighting element Good connectivity options, including Bluetooth Cons Have to buy Pebble X Plus bundle to get subwoofer No app for Macs Creative Labs’ Pebble speakers have long been a top budget pick for PC speakers. The entry-level model is on its … Read more

Blink Mini 2 Review: Small Size, Big Value

I set the camera to record clips when it detected a person, and it hasn’t made many mistakes. (It has categorized a couple of clips with people in them as motion, but there have been no false positives.) Most recorded events seem to have been captured in full, but a couple of times, it missed … Read more

Soundpeats Air4 Pro Review: Premium Features for Less

Confusion aside, nearly all the commands you need are at the ready, with more control options available in the Soundpeats app. Considering the previous two pairs of Soundpeats buds I tested had no app support at all, that’s a notable step forward for the brand. Economy Plus As expected, the Air4 Pro don’t offer everything … Read more

A24’s Problemista review: a surreal fairy tale about finding your people

Each of comedian Julio Torres’ projects has spoken to his ability to tell stories that are shaped by both his distinct imagination and a deep understanding of the hyperspecific idiosyncrasies that make odd people interesting. In SNL sketches like “Wells For Boys,” and his short-lived HBO series Los Espookys, Torres created windows into absurdist worlds … Read more

Amazfit Balance Review: Most Improved, Still Exasperating

Of all the fitness trackers that I’ve tested, none has made a bigger leap in hardware development than Amazfit. The first iterations that I tried in 2018 were plasticky and horrible. Every year, the wearable has gotten steadily, well, more wearable. A coworker recently asked if my tester Balance was a Samsung Galaxy Watch6 (7/10, … Read more