Foundry is shutting down in slow motion

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Foundry Group is shutting down and won’t raise another fund

Foundry Group, an 18-year-old venture firm with nearly $3.5 billion in assets under management, has quietly decided to shut down and not raise any more funds. The move was unexpected considering that the firm announced a $500 million fund last year. Boulder, Colorado-based Foundry first announced that its current fund would be its last on … Read more

Funimation is shutting down — and taking your digital library with it

Funimation is shutting down on April 2nd, 2024. The anime streaming service will start migrating existing subscribers to Crunchyroll — a move that will not only affect subscription prices, but will also wipe digital libraries. A support page on Funimation’s website says the service will automatically transfer existing subscribers to Crunchyroll, noting that the transfer … Read more

One of the Internet’s Oldest Software Archives Is Shutting Down

In a move that marks the end of an era, New Mexico State University (NMSU) recently announced the impending closure of its Hobbes OS/2 Archive on April 15, 2024. For over three decades, the archive has been a key resource for users of the IBM OS/2 operating system and its successors, which once competed fiercely … Read more

The Toy Shop That Inspired Toy Story Is Shutting Down After 86 Years

Screenshot: :Pixar For anyone who ever wondered where Andy’s mom might’ve gotten Buzz and Woody in Toy Story—it turns out one particular San Francisco toy shop sparked the imaginations of Pixar creatives. Now, after 86 years in business, it’s closing its doors. What Exactly is the New Movie, Lightyear? Jeffrey’s Toys, located in downtown SF, … Read more

Artifact news app is shutting down, one year post-launch by Instagram founders

Artifact, a personalized news app curated by AI, is shuttering its windows and shutting off comments, just one year after it launched from the minds of Instagram’s former founders. “We have built something that a core group of users love, but we have concluded that the market opportunity isn’t big enough to warrant continued investment … Read more

Instagram’s co-founders are shutting down their Artifact news app

Artifact, the news app created by Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, is shutting down just a year after launch. The app used an AI-driven approach to suggest news that users might like to read, but it seems it didn’t catch on with enough people for the Artifact team to continue making the app. … Read more

Kim Kardashian’s Mobile Game Is Shutting Down After 10 Years

Kim Kardashian has bid farewell to her mobile game “Kim Kardashian Hollywood” after nearly a decade, citing a shift in focus to other passions. Users received alerts about the game’s shutdown, set for April 8, with a countdown timer. The game, launched in 2014, led players to A-list stardom and earned $1.6 million in five … Read more

Superpedestrian to auction 20,000 e-scooters after shutting down

More than 20,000 electric scooters belonging to Superpedestrian will be auctioned off later this month, along with other equipment from the startup’s U.S. operations, after closing its doors December 31. Two “global online auction” listings have appeared on the website of Silicon Valley Disposition, an online market for “surplus assets,” which will feature scooters and … Read more