The Moogai Puts a Monstrous Spin on Generational Trauma

A modern folk horror tale that draws upon Australia’s troubled history to enhance its monstrous elements, The Moogai also includes an exploration of postpartum depression. Unfortunately, its one-dimensional plot ultimately detracts from the elements that make it an otherwise unique story. Alex Winter on the Most Important Modern Horror Movie It’s rare to see a … Read more

Apple TV+’s Changeling Finale Was Baffling in Purpose

Apple TV+’s adaptation of Victor LaValle’s novel The Changeling wrapped up last week with “Battle of the Island.” The episode ended the season—overall, a fascinating exploration of parenthood, grief, folklore, and the hidden realms of New York City—with several gigantic question marks. Are Fans Tired of Marvel and DC? Superhero Fatigue at NYCC 2023 At … Read more

Victor LaValle, Kelly Marcel on Having a Woman’s POV

Image: Apple TV+ Author Victor LaValle and showrunner Kelly Marcel spoke to io9 at a press line after the panel for Apple TV+’s adaptation of The Changeling, talking about how to work within the confines of the novel, and when to push the boundaries of what’s on the page. Google’s Pixel 8 and 8 Pro … Read more

The Changeling’s Directors Give LaKeith Stanfield His Flowers

Image: Apple TV+ “LaKeith [Stanfield] came into The Changeling with such dedication,” said Jonathan Van Tulleken, an executive producer/director on The Changeling. “I think it’s very rare to see an actor who brings his level of commitment to the set, and who is always digging through sort of the personal resonance in himself as well … Read more

The Changeling Finale Exclusive Clip: Apollo in Peril

Image: Apple TV+ The Changeling (adapted from the novel by Victor LaValle) wrapped its first season on Apple TV+ today with a finale that had more than its fair share of cliffhangers… literally. Check out this exclusive clip to see what we mean. The Changeling, Episode 8 – The cliff The Changeling, Episode 8 – … Read more