A Virus Found in Wastewater Beat Back a Woman’s ‘Zombie’ Bacteria

But Cole’s progress was short-lived. Her blood infection returned, and her doctors determined the phage-antibiotic combination was no longer effective. She passed away from pneumonia in March 2022, seven months after phage therapy was stopped. Cole’s case demonstrates both the hope and limitations of phage therapy. The problem this time wasn’t just bacterial evolution. When … Read more

“I Just Found Out I Have Been Paying The Utility Bill For My Entire Apartment Building Since 2021” — Here’s How This Woman’s Ex Ended Up Costing Her Thousands

I’m sure the title of this already got your attention, so let’s not waste any time. Watch this video by a woman named Brooke Patterson and we will dissect: In the video — which has over 5 million views — Brooke shares, “So, I just found out that I have been paying the utility bill … Read more

Australian court overturns woman’s 2-decade-old convictions in deaths of her 4 children

SYDNEY — An Australian appeals court on Thursday overturned all convictions against a woman 20 years after a jury found her guilty of her killing her four children. Kathleen Folbigg already was pardoned by the New South Wales state government and released from prison in June based on new scientific evidence that her four children … Read more

Thousands dead in Israeli bombing of Gaza. Here’s one woman’s story.

Comment on this storyCommentAdd to your saved storiesSave The morning of Oct. 22 was punctuated by loud explosions in the neighborhood of Tel-al-Hawa in Gaza City. Shrouq Aila picked up her 11-month daughter and moved to the ground floor of her in-laws’ home, holding the hand of her husband, Roshdi Sarraj. Minutes later, everything turned … Read more

Victor LaValle, Kelly Marcel on Having a Woman’s POV

Image: Apple TV+ Author Victor LaValle and showrunner Kelly Marcel spoke to io9 at a press line after the panel for Apple TV+’s adaptation of The Changeling, talking about how to work within the confines of the novel, and when to push the boundaries of what’s on the page. Google’s Pixel 8 and 8 Pro … Read more

Missing San Diego woman’s last contacts included chat with police officer, woodcutter before disappearance

A missing woman canceled dinner plans with a friend, had an emotional chat with a police officer, and a brief exchange with a woodcutter, who found her in a remote area of Ashfork, Arizona. It all happened in a short span between Sept. 27-30, which was the last time Chelsea Grimm, 32, was seen alive. … Read more

Woman’s Experimental Bionic Hand Passes Major Test With Flying Colors

Scientists appear to have developed a hand prosthetic that provides much more control and comfort than those available today. In new research this week, they’ve detailed the case of a Swedish woman who has successfully worn the advanced bionic limb for years with no major issues, while experiencing significantly less pain than before. Google’s Pixel … Read more

Biker Stomps Back Window of Car with Two Children In the Backseat, Flashes Gun in Woman’s Face When She Approaches Him

The Philadelphia Police Department is looking for a biker who stomped on the back window of a car after getting into an argument with its female driver. Video captured the moment when the man broke the window, shattering glass into the backseat where her two young children were strapped in. A tourist on a bus … Read more

Woman’s body found in jaws of 13ft Florida alligator identified

A 13ft (4m) alligator has been killed after it was spotted in Florida with the remains of a woman in its jaws, police have said. A witness told local media he saw the alligator in a Largo canal clutching a lower torso in its mouth. Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said the animal was killed and … Read more